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Vision Roofing & Home Improvement has been a leading name in the roofing industry for many years. Whether you need residential roofing contractor or commercial, our technicians are reliable and trustworthy. They are trained to provide you quality services for your roofs. Call us and get the best roofing services for your property. Along with roofing services, our team is capable of inspecting your basements to make them waterproof.  Waterproofing basement installation is an easy DIY project with right tools. However, why you need to take burden when professionals are available. Our team knows how to handle the installation and repairing project effortlessly.

Roofing Repair with Reliable Roof Contractor

Roofs are exposed to dust, dirt, and storms so there is nothing to worry about if your roof needs repairing. There could be many reasons for your damage roofs like leakage due to wrong plumbing but timely repairing can save you from any major loss.

Instead of worrying about the damaged roof, think to hire the right roof contractor near you. You can rely on our roofing team as they fulfill all your requirements. To find a reliable roof contractor you need references that give you the assurance of roofing repair and installation. Our team has developed a great name in the roofing industry. Customer care is another important factor that gives you ease to take our services for your roofs. When you call us for your problems, we listen before implementing or suggesting anything. Our roof contractor is available so that you can ask for better advice. We can guide you to choose the right material for your roofs. We welcome your complaints so that you can have a satisfactory service.

When you hire us, your roofing is saved. Your roof is an expensive addition to your property that is why it is important to hire a licensed roof contractor. We assure that each member of our team is licensed and insured to work your property. The best part of our team is that they are highly qualified and trained for the job. Their training not only includes technical handling but also learn to deal with the customers. This makes our contractors one of the best roof contractors in Staten Island NY. Our roof contractor inspects your roofs thoroughly to identify hidden leaks before giving you an estimate. They are capable to see through the walls to protect your home or other commercial property from any further damage.

Variety of Roofing Material that Adds Beauty to Your Property

We understand that how important it is for you that your property should look beautiful. Roofing is the major ingredient in your house external appeal that is why we provide you different roofing materials. Choose the one that increases the curb value of your property as well as serves the purpose of reliable roofing. However, if you are confused while choosing the roofing material, take help from our roof contractor.

Shingles Roofing – Shingles are most widely used material for residential roofing. They are available in many colors, material types, texture, and design. The material type used in shingle roofs are metal, wood, and slate. Shingle roofs are easily visible on your property from a distance that is it is important to choose them wisely. Our roof contractor can provide you variety of options for your shingle roofs. Dimensional shingles are also available that are made with double or multiple layers but are heavy than other roofing materials. Shingle roofing is also famous as they are easy to install if you get the right roof contractor like us. They give your roofs a flat look. Our strip shingle roofing is lightweight, reliable and stays on your roof for a long time. Furthermore, the roofing repair is easy and affordable with shingle roofs.

Asphalt Roofing – These type of roofing provide multiple protection to your property from weather conditions due to the joints between the tabs. They are usually thicker than other materials that hide the imperfection is decking (if any). Fiberglass asphalt roofing is also available which is less costly, more durable and easy to manufacture.

Cedar Shake Roofing – Our Cedar Shake Roofing is long lasting materials and easily available. They are famous for the aesthetic beauty. Wood Shake roofs give your house a natural look at first glance. However, the color of wood change with the passage of time as they are exposed to direct sunlight. The best thing is they are easy to replace or repair so you do not have to worry. Our roof contractor can handle the roof installation as well as repair.

Metal Roofing – Metal roofing is common for industrial and commercial roofing as they are less expensive, durable and are good fire resistant. In the case of repair, roof contractor suggests replacing the metal roof as they are not an expensive addition. Along with multiple benefits of metal roofing, they are available in many designs and colors and are recyclable. Therefore, whenever you need metal roofing call our experts to the perfect results.

EPDM Roofing – EPDM roofing is a synthetic roofing material that is used on the low-slope buildings. The greatest test of any material is when you use it in the field. Our rubber roofing is highly resistant to weather conditions and flexible in low temperature. It also stays stable in wind storms and rains.

Not every roof contractor is capable of providing every type of roofing service. At Vision Roofing & Home Improvement, you will get the right contractor as we know the different needs of each roofing material. No matter what material you buy for your roofs, you need a professional and expert roof contractor in Staten Island NY for perfect installation and repair. Our team has both residential roofing contractor as well as commercial. Therefore, do not risk your roof’s safety with any other roof contractor. For more details about the roof, material contacts us at

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