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Locked out – Our Auto locksmith Service Can Help

You might not have experienced car lockout before but trust us it is a terrible situation. We have seen many people on roadside looking for help from a reliable auto locksmith in Sunrise FL.

Our technicians at Top Flight Locksmith have been helping people to get out of such an awful situation. We have licensed auto locksmith team that is ready to provide quality service at moment’s notice. Give us a call and we will be at your location in no time. auto locksmith service includes;

  • Rekey ignition keys
  • Program new key
  • Keys cut
  • Key fob
  • Car key replacement and more.

Along with that, we can help you in residential lockouts. Your safety is our concern and we try our best to meet your expectations. We are here to make your lives protective, secure and easy.

Call us today for auto locksmith services in Sunrise FL.

How Our Auto Locksmith Service Can Help

Whenever trapped with car keys, you must be looking for a reliable and professional auto locksmith. There could be many reasons that you need an auto locksmith. You may forget your keys and lock yourself out. It looks like a burden especially when you have a tight schedule ahead. You need an instant solution to get out of the problem. That is why our auto locksmith service is available at a phone call. Our team is capable of unlocking your cars easily with the help of their expertise and diverse skillset. No matter what car you travel in, our auto locksmith have solutions to reduce your stress with its services that cover everything related to lockouts such as key duplicate, program remote key, key fob and so on.  

We understand that investment that you have made in your car and cannot risk its safety by working with non-professionals. While we are working on car doors, we protect it like our own cars. We leave the vehicle scratch less. There are few people who try to unlock the doors themselves but fail. That is because they are not experienced and might not have the right tools. Our team is not only experienced but also have the right tools to make the unlocking process easy. We provide diverse auto locksmith services ranging from unlocking the car doors to rekeying, key replacement and more.

How Transponder Key is Different from Remote Key

People usually are not aware of the major difference between the transponder key and remote car key. As they may look the same but are different in functionality. You can ask us for any queries in the mind and our technicians are capable of answering each question.

Transponder Key

Before calling any auto locksmith, it is better to learn some basic things about the transponder key. A transponder key, if programmed rightly can give you easy access to car locking mechanism. We provide a transponder key with an advanced technology that has a chip in it which response to your ignition lock. This gives you benefit over other keys as when someone tries to sneak into your car, the system will not respond and in this way, your car is safe. That is why thieves target old cars more rather than going for the new ones. Therefore, to protect your car we recommend getting transponder key by our professionals. If you already have a transponder key but it is not functioning properly, call us. Our expert can reprogram the key so that you can have reliable protection for your car.

Remote Car Keys

Our auto locksmith provides remote car keys with two different level of security. One allows you to lock and unlock the cars manually through the key blade and the second level provide remote access for locking and unlocking. They are more reliable as they are tailored especially for each car so no one can access the car through other means. With remote car keys, you no longer have to worry about the car alarms or to lock the doors manually. To avail such benefits, all you need is our reliable auto locksmith in Sunrise FL.

However, if you are not familiar with the difference between transponder key and remote car key, ask our experts. We make clear deals and help you understand the major difference between the key along with the benefits. If your keys are lost or broken, there is no need to contact your dealer as they may take more time to provide a new key. Our auto locksmith service is capable of providing the right key for your cars. Trust us with your car keys and let us do the job.

Protect Your Homes with Residential Locksmith

A residential locksmith can help you in making the house safe. It is essential so that you can live a safe life. Moreover, your house is a shelter for the valuables so make sure to take the services of a reliable locksmith. Your protection is our priority that is why we have trained team with multiple residential locksmith solutions. Our residential locksmith services include:

  • New lock installation
  • Deadbolt repair
  • Deadbolt installation and more.


Do not ignore if your locks need rekeying. There could be many reasons that a reliable locksmith recommend to have rekeying service. Maybe the keys are lost somewhere in the market or any other public place. Do not risk your safety, call our reliable professional as soon as possible. Moreover, if you are living in a shared apartment and your partner has left the place, the first thing you need to do is rekey your locks. Uninvited guests are not a pleasant surprise. Therefore, to live in a secured home rekey the locks without any doubt.

Key Duplication

If you only have one key for your lock, we recommend you to have duplicate keys. This will give you peace of mind as each member of the family have the access to enter the house anytime. You do not have to wait for them until late night to open the doors as it is not possible with busy lives. When you call us for key duplication, we assure that our locksmiths work with perfection.

So, when looking for “locksmith near me in Sunrise FL” do not go further. With the right tool, we stand as one of the best auto locksmiths in the area. No matter at what time you need us, we are available with our emergency lockout services. Our auto locksmith service chargers are affordable and we do not charge extra money for emergency service. We are here to help you, no to increase the stress. So whenever you need replacement or rekeying call our professional locksmiths. We provide all types of lock solutions for your home and vehicle. Our experts are qualified to program the keys to perfection. Do not think much. Call us for better auto locksmith and residential locksmith service in Sunrise FL. 

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