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From interior painting to fence painting, Tom Sawyer Painting provides a wide range of painting services to the clients in Belmont MA. Our team of professional painters will approach every job with high quality service and customer satisfaction in mind. Apart from the residential painting services, we provide painting services for commercial and industrial spaces. We provide budget friendly painting options to cater all your painting needs.

We offer Reliable Services at affordable rates

We offer painting services that are designed to increase the beauty and curb value of your home. From commercial to residential painting services, we are one of the top painting service providers in Belmont MA. Our professional painters provide detailed quote regarding the services and make sure that we abide by it. Note: further changes in the services may result in additional charges.

Commercial Painting

We have a team of professional painters that provide reliable commercial painting services in Belmont MA. Whether you need exterior or interior painting services, we possess necessary knowledge and expertise to complete all the projects in a timely fashion. We work in close contact with the clients to make sure that we understand their requirements and provide them exceptional services. We understand how important it is to keep the business running and how badly downtime can affect it. Due to this, we always complete the commercial projects effectively.

  • Interior commercial painting

The appearance of the commercial place is very imperative as the clients love to conduct business at a nice place and the reeks like an old place, then no one will be interested in doing business with you. The best way to increase your clientele in Belmont MA is to procure services of our professional painters. 

Our interior painting services will change the overall look of the office. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for you in the office. Do not worry about the office downtime as we complete all the tasks in an efficient manner and this ensures less downtime and hindrance in the office working.

Some people ignore the interior commercial painting for a long time and this create negative impact on the professionals working there as well. The fresh look provided by our professional painters can elevate the working conditions in the office. So, to ensure professionalism and increase the efficiency of your professional staff, take services from Tom Sawyer Painting in Belmont MA.

  • Exterior commercial painting

The first thing that the customers take into consideration is the overall look of the business. Our professional painters in Belmont MA helps you to elevate the exterior of the building and get rid of the dull look. The appearance impacts the mind of the customers and customers will only like to link with the business who shows promising results and have a good presence. Exterior painting services offered by our professional painters are equally imperative for the rental properties. Giving the place a fresh look is an investment that will provide multiple benefits.

Residential Painting

Our professional painters increase the curb appeal of your house and give it a new shine with a fresh coat of paint. We have been providing high end painting services for more than 3 decades. Our team of professional painters complete all the work in a timely fashion.

Different residential painting services are catered by us such as:

  • Exterior Painting

Weather stains are no more a problem with the help of our exterior painting services. We provide painting services that will increase the curb appeal of the house. Exterior paint solutions offered by us are second to none. Professional painters associated with us are accustomed with different painting solutions and will provide reliable services. We provide custom services as well and all you need to do is to contact us with your requirements. We will help you mimic the style you want.

  • Faux finishes

Our professional painters in Belmont MA are well versed in faux painting as well. The faux painting options offered by our professional painters can replicate the look of different materials such as marble, stone and wood.

  • Interior painting

We are your go-to company when you are looking for residential interior painting services. Our professional painters are accustomed with latest painting techniques and their research has helped them to understand different color combinations as well. Our professional painters can start a project from scratch and help you in designing the color scheme in a timely fashion. Our custom painting services are designed to help you make your dreams come true.

Power washing

Power washing services provided by us can help you to get rid of weather stains and other pesky dirt marks that are foiling the look of your property.

Apart from professional painters, we also have crew that can complete minor carpentry work.

Call us today to get a detailed quote of our services!

Effortless services geared to provide comfort and ease

We provide effortless services that provide comfort to the residential and commercial clients. All the work is completed by our professional painters in a timely fashion.


Our professional painters have years of experience under their belt and they receive regular training sessions that increase their knowledge as well. These training exercises are devised to ensure the same level of commitment and proficiency in all painting projects.

Diverse services

Our professional painters are well versed in different painting techniques and provide services that are second to none. Whether you need residential painting service or want to increase the beauty of your commercial space with new paint, we are the one to call.

Cost effective

We offer cost effective interior and exterior painting solutions in Belmont MA. We offer painting solutions that are aligned with your budget. Our professional painters complete all the projects in a timely fashion and use high quality materials, which in turn, helps you to save money in the long run.

Tom Sawyer Painting has been providing high quality painting services in Belmont MA for more than 3 decades. We employ professional painters to provide services related to exterior and interior painting and power washing. We use eco-friendly and durable materials in all projects to ensure longevity of the paints. Whether your roof is dried by extreme sunlight or need extensive cleaning, we are the one to call. We provide effortless power washing services to the clients in Belmont MA. Contact us today to get tailored services regarding painting, power-washing and carpentry.  

For details, Please feel free to call us at 857-529-7389

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