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Washy luxury Detailing

On average, car and vehicle owners in Rhode Island will spend tens of thousands on a new or second-hand car purchase. The biggest problem faced by all car owners, however, regards the fact that any exotic vehicle will start depreciating in value from the minute it leaves the showroom floor. The good news, however, is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you take your car to the carwash once a week, that’s fantastic. In truth, however, the only way to keep your exterior paintwork and interior vehicle cabin looking and feeling as vibrant as the day you bought your vehicle, is to invest in regular luxury detailing and inside valeting.

Why luxury detailing matters is simple. When detailing and cleaning a vehicle, our valets and luxury detailing teams will scrub dirt and remove rust from even minor cracks and crevices in a vehicle body. In doing so, we stop early signs of exterior body corrosion before even minor defects can become noticeable. At the same time, we can both wax and apply high-quality ceramic coatings to vehicle exteriors which will help protect paint and body work for years to come.