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We are known for our top-quality services in professional bathtub resurfacing and tub repair services King George VA. We are an experienced company serving the residential and commercial industry. We understand our customer’s needs related to bathroom upgrades and remodels. We are efficient in providing all kinds of services related to bathroom upgrades under one roof. Our years of experience as professionals guarantee that our customers are 100% satisfied so you can sit back and relax while we provide you with exceptional services.

Here Are Some Of The Services We Offer:

  • Tub and Shower resurfacing
  • Tub, Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Bathtub Chip and Crack repair for Fiberglass and Porcelain surfaces
  • Full Bathroom Remodeling Including Toilet and Vanity Installation
  • Tile Repair and Installation on Floors and Walls

Take A Look at Our Diverse Services in Detail

Tub And Shower Resurfacing

Our professionals are thoroughly trained in resurfacing techniques. We use the most advanced industry-specific materials and equipment to resurface your tubs and showers. In addition, we can also provide you with color matching or stone-like effect glazes. Even though resurfacing services are offered by many companies in King George VA, we are proven to be top notch in the area! We make your tub and showers look good as new in just a day. After we are done resurfacing your tub and/or shower, you will clearly see the difference between us and them.

Tub, Tile And Grout Cleaning

We can help you get rid of those stubborn stains on your tub, tile, and grout. We know you’ve tried everything over-the-counter to try to get them out, but we have the right tools and chemicals to easily remove those stains and make your tub, tile, and grout look good as new!

Bathtub Chip And Crack Repair

Our repair services in King George VA are known as the best. No matter if your tub is white, almond or blue, our color matching techniques will make the damage disappear! We can fix a dime-sized chip, a golf ball sized hole or a 1 foot crack in just a day! Our specially formulated, industry-specific materials allow us to work on fiberglass, porcelain or acrylic surfaces.

Full Bathroom Remodeling

We can make your bathroom remodel affordable, fast and easy. Our professionals will keep the work area clean and out of your way. We‘ll help you design and configure your new bathroom. We can handle moving the drain, installing a new toilet and vanity. No job is too big!

Tile Repair And Installation

Installing tile the right way is key to avoiding costly leaks and repairs. With over 30 years of experience installing tile, we can do anything from a custom sized tile shower floor, tub.

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Experienced, personalized, professional service
  • Local, family owned business

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OUR SERVICES providing quality customer service

  • Tub, Tile, Shower Resurfacing
  • Professional Tile Installation
  • Grout Cleaning and Sealing
  • Tub and Tile Repair
  • Custom Color or Stone-like Effect Resurfacing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Personal Design Services

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