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GPS Speed Strength Potomac MD

We welcome you to the Potomac, MD’s best place to get the best speed and agility training as an athlete. Doesn’t matter if you are 8 years old or if you are an adult, we can help you with our experienced and professional team of strength and conditioning specialists to become a pro. We have different athletic training programs intended to take the athletic skills to the next level. There are different training programs that we offer for the adults, including the boot camps to help an athlete increase energy, lose weight, and to reduce stress.

Youth Training Programs in Potomac, MD

For the kids, age 8-11, we offer youth training that includes, balance drills, injury prevention, core stabilization, and body-weight training, etc. In this program, the student will be working on first-step movement and he will be introduced the dynamic warm ups.

Intermediate & Advanced Training Programs in Potomac, MD

Intermediate and advanced training programs allow the athletes of ages 12-14 and 15+ consecutively. The intermediate program is designed to amalgamate the first step movement with the dynamic running form. The intermediate training program will help an athlete with resistance speed training, injury prevention, and it will help him improve the linear speed. The advanced mode will train the athlete for the Olympic lifting, sports nutrition, etc. The advanced program aims at improving the overall physical fitness level of the student.

Pro Combine Training Programs in Potomac, MD

In pro combine training, there will be pillar preps, 40 yard breakdown, linear movement, and more. Different sessions will be conducted for movement, strength, recover and regenerate, and position-specific, etc. This training can either be through personal training or group training as per the student’s wish.

Results Are Guaranteed!

At the GPS Speed Strength, we ensure 100% results and satisfaction. Because of the fact that we have the industry’s top trainers and coaching staff, we ensure the best services to our students. Whether you wish to get the best performance training or if you are looking for the summer camps to increase your overall physical condition, you can call us, anytime.


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