QRG Video Services


QRG Video Services

If you have seen any of the recent 3D blockbusters, you know that watching a movie in 3D is an incredibly immersive experience unlike any other. Here is a unique opportunity to capture your wedding day memories using the same technology. We will create a 4-8 minute highlight movie that will capture the the best moments of your big day in a movie so lifelike, you won't believe your eyes! You will be able to enjoy it in full color and high-definition on your 3D TV set, or share it online with the family and friends!

Latest technology

Remember the days of VHS? Maybe you even have a few tapes laying around the house? Recall the amazement you felt when you first saw high-definition video. Here is your chance to get that feeling again! Your wedding movie will be a pinnacle of technology. You and your family will be able to marvel at it on any 3D-capable TV set or home theater projector. The display technology will get even better within the next few years - see FAQ for cool things coming to the market, such as 3D TVs that don't require glasses. When the new tech arrives, you will be ready

Easy to share

QRG High-definition 3D video is natively supported by YouTube. Sharing your video is as easy as posting a link. Finding your video is as easy as typing your name in the search box on your computer or your TV's YouTube app. Most 3D-capable TV sets are also "smart", meaning that they can pull 3D content directly from the Internet without the use of a computer. And with the help of complimentary glasses, you can even watch 3D content on a conventional TV or computer - see FAQ for all the ways you can enjoy your 3D wedding movie!

Must see to believe

We offer THE most realistic way to capture your special day. Watching your wedding movie will feel like being there again! You have to experience it in order to truly appreciate it. If you already own a 3D TV, open up your YouTube app and search for "David and Ruby 3D" to watch the video above in full color and high definition. Don't have a 3D-capable TV yet? Please contact us below for a FREE, no obligations demo.


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