Auto Repair QRG Motors Maintenance Services Fredericksburg VA | Cars for Sale Fredericksburg VA


Auto Repair QRG Motors Maintenance Services Fredericksburg VA | Cars for Sale Fredericksburg VA



Brand new cars come with a too large price tag to be supported by your wallet and bank account. When purchasing a used car happens to be your only ticket, you will always be left stranded because used cars dealership owners are comprised up of sleazy salesman who throw a couple of big words around your ears to get your attention and force you to buy what they are selling at inflated prices and inferior quality. In the end, you’ve lost exorbitant amounts of money and are left dissatisfied as well. Fortunately for you, QRG Motors are your one stop to quality and affordable cars.

What Services Do We Offer?

Only the best that an automotive dealership can give to you. We deal in Japanese used cars; American used cars, foreign used cars and any other cars that you would be interested in. By dealing with different form of cars, we have become well versed with the following car sales:

  • Antique cars sales
  • Classic cars sales
  • European cars sales

Our services do not put up a dead end sign at JUST used car dealerships. Instead, our services related to other essential elements of car services are present in abundant quantities. For example, our services also begin at that place where we offer the best rates when it comes to buying cars. Yes, you heard us right! We buy cars. We don’t hand out ridiculously forged prices that will make you scratch your head. Instead, our prices are set in such a manner, that our first offer will give you the impression that you struck a handsome bargain.

Furthermore, our services also include hosting an annual car auction. Do you think you can get the car of your dreams in the best bidding price? Attend our event and find out for yourself. Our services do not conclude here. No dealership will ever be considered a credible service for the driver if that dealership did not include an auto service and an auto repair and maintenance service centre. Is your used car acting erratic or anything out of the ordinary? Bring it down to our service depot and let our qualified staff take a look at the anomaly that is plaguing your car.

Besides offering maintenance services, we also offer cars with warranty and if you are not satisfied with your new vehicle, you can always bring it down to our service depot. If you are still dissatisfied, we will offer to give you a replacement for that car. In this way, there are no conflicts and everybody wins right? QRG Motors will be more than happy to have you as a customer. Always remember, that if a dealership is giving you an offer that is too good to be true, then it is most likely a scam.

We are not moving you away from other dealerships. You can scout around as much as you want. We are just pointing out a universal fact. However, we would like you to know that at QRG Motors, we will always be at our most accommodating behavior. At QRG Motors, affordable cars are our number one service.



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