QRG Cleaning Services Sterling VA


QRG Cleaning Services Sterling VA

QRG Cleaning Services Sterling, VA has been providing cheap duct cleaning in the area for many years. We have completed many cleaning projects successfully and earned a very good name in the local market for our quality work. We offer a wide range of cleaning services that are not limited to duct cleaning in Sterling, VA. We are equipped with the latest tools to resolve your cleaning issues effectively. Our technicians are well trained and cooperative. They work diligently to meet the deadlines and the level of your expectation. We are fully bonded, licensed and insured company. Moreover, you are more than welcome to reach us anytime for free estimates.

It is common that our homes and offices do contain dust, mildew and mold even we try our level best to keep them neat and clean. That is why it is recommended to hire the professional company for it. Our aim is to ensure the fresh and clean air in your homes. There are many benefits of air duct cleaning services. Following is the brief description of some of them:


  • Frequent dusting is not required
  • Allergy and headache symptoms will be reduced
  • Remove the dust and mold
  • Indoor air quality will be improved
  • Reduce your bill
  • Extend the life of equipment

Apart from air duct cleaning in Sterling, VA, we specialized in all other cleaning services.

Dryer Cleaning Services

It is essential for the efficient and smooth performance of the dryer. The ideal time for dryer vent cleaning is during the routing cleaning the furnace. It helps in removing debris that has gathered over a period of time, thus enabling dryer functioning properly. It reduces the drying time and enhances its efficiency. Other benefits include low cost, fire resistance and the optimization of airflow. Dryer vent can be out of order due to several reasons such as lint avoids the filter and closes the vent by accumulating in the walls of the duct. Moisture also gets trapped in the dryer and triggers the surge in humidity that causes bacteria growth. Blocked dryer vent causes overheating, reduction of its overall efficiency, life span, fresh air and can ignite fire. The important steps of routine dryer cleaning involve cleaning of filter after each and every load; inspection of exterior exhaustion ensuring exhausted air is escaping perfectly and inspection of dryer vent for crushed sections.

Coil and Blower Cleaning Services

The ideal thing to extend the life of your air conditioner is the regular cleaning of its coils and blower. The coils, blower and plenum box are the heart of your AC. If the heart is not functioning properly, how would the whole body work then? It will take too long to reach your desired room temperature if the coils are dirty and will intake more energy which means an increase in energy bills. As the coils remain wet all the time, so they catch dirt quickly as compared to the dry ones. Theses coils also become a perfect place for the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. By thorough coil and blower cleaning, and the removal of harmful microbes with the help of biodegradable products in Sterling, VA, your AC will respond just like a new one.


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