QRG Restoration,Installation,Cleaning in Vienna VA | Granite Installation Vienna VA

QRG Restoration,Installation,Cleaning in Vienna VA | Granite Installation Vienna VA

QRG Granite is known for its quality work for marble and granite surfaces either residential or commercial in Vienna VA and Bethesda MD. We are a company that believes in achieving maximum client satisfaction in terms of service and we are serving our many satisfied clients for over 10 years. We are just one call away; we will visit your building or home on call and will show you how your floors can look good by using our services.

QRG Granite specialize in restoration, installation, repair, maintenance and fabrication for both marble and granite. We ensure your inspiring polished image to your customers or guests by maintaining marble services on your property. By our customized services we care for your marble flooring through paying more attention to high traffic areas, grease, pollution and dirt that can contribute to worsening of stone’s condition. We strive to provide excellent service to our customers with free cost estimates at affordable rates. Give us the opportunity to speak with you so that we can understand your current requirements and offer an economical solution.

Marble Restoration and Installation

Marble is a stone that has been cherished for centuries due to its utility and beauty. In fact, it is a natural limestone, which has been transformed, by heat, time and pressure, in to a durable and lovely building material. We at QRG Granite offer a remarkable marble restoration service that includes ground cleaning, sealing, diamond grinding and marble polishing. We also specialize in marble cleaning and new marble installation works. Experienced, trained and efficient workers perform our Marble stone care services.

Granite Restoration and Installation

Marble lobby straightQRG Granite years and years of experience in granite restoration and installation services can resolve any problem you may have with your granite surfaces. We can do:

  • Repairing chips and cracks on granite countertops
  • Restoring dull granite surfaces and floors
  • Removing most stains from granite tiles
  • Sealing and protecting your granite surfaces

If you want granite surfaces at your home or business then allow us to visit you and provide you the best granite installation solution at affordable rates.

Concrete and Terrazzo Services

We can also help you in changing the look of your concrete surfaces by our concrete restoration services. The process includes cleaning, polishing and sealing of concrete floors. You can count on us for the best concrete installation service in Vienna VA and Bethesda MD.

Actually, Terrazzo is a unique stone, which consists of marble chips with different colors and sizes. It is apprehended together with the support of a cement base or an epoxy base or resin base. Our QRG Granite terrazzo restoration team can polish your terrazzo surfaces making them as good as new.

Hardwood Installation

When you select the glistening look of hardwood flooring, you change the style of any room in your house or business from the ground up. Nothing increases the beauty of a home as rapidly as hardwood flooring. We at QRG Granite are offering a skilled work of hardwood installation with a reasonable cost.


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