QRG Exam Preparation McLean VA


QRG Exam Preparation McLean VA

Our PMP Exam prep course provides 36 ‘contact hours’ (as defined by PMI) and consists of the following:

A Workbook

Containing 50 lessons and 4 Appendices’, contained in its own zipped binder. The 50 lessons address the 47 processes contained in the 5 domains of the PMBOK® Guide.

The PMP Exam Preparation Workbook provides nearly 600 pages of ‘Must Know’ learning materials, explaining both the concept and detail behind all formal processes that comprise modern project management. Each student receives their own Workbook binder containing calculator, highlighter pens, ball point pen and pencil. The Workbook and Rapid Review Sheets (memory device aid) also serve as valuable desk reference after the class.

Information is presented in smaller, bite-sized portions - 50 Lessons and 4 Appendices in all.

  • We have ‘deconstructed’ the PMBOK®Guide to allow the learning material to be presented in the logical sequence of an actual project life-cycle or ‘real world task-oriented fashion’ (what to do, when).
  • Quiz questions are included at the end of each lesson to reinforce key concepts. Detailed answer discussions are provided.
  • Lesson Quizzes

Each of the Workbook 50 lessons is completed with a Quiz (memory device aid), answers and full explanations are provided in an Appendix.

Rapid Review Sheets

Each of the Workbook 50 lessons also has a ‘one page’ Rapid Review Sheet synopsis that contains all the salient information from each of the lessons (another memory device aid).

A Rapid Review Sheet binder is provided for collation of the Rapid Review Sheets and students notes for later revision.

Graphical PMBOK® Guide

A Graphical PMBOK® Guide - an 18x24 inch full color wall poster referred to throughout the course that provides a graphical representation of the PMBOK® Guide Domains, Processes, Knowledge Areas and their interaction across the Project Life Cycle. (another memory device aid).

Each student receives their own 18" x 24" Graphical PMBOK® Guide wall poster to use as a reference during class and to serve as a handy visual reference in their work space for months/years after class. During class, we reference the Graphical PMBOK® Guide poster many times to provide a strong visual reference to the logical sequence in which project management processes are typically applied.

Visual Poster review exercises are incorporated throughout PMP Exam Prep. This creates strong visual imagery to help promote effective recall on Exam day!

PMP Practice Exam simulation

To access our web based PMP Practice Exam simulation each student is provided with user name and password ‘credentials’ Our PMP Practice Exam simulation provides students with a very realistic experience of what this tough exam is like (it is taken 11 times in the 5 days).

Each student accesses our PMP Practice Exam simulation using ‘Internet Explorer’/IE capable computers. A trial of this capability can be conducted by the client prior to the course date.

This unique simulator provides an accurate simulation of the actual PMP Exam. ‘Very Close to the Real Thing’ practice questions are written and presented in the same style as actual PMP Exam questions the ratio of situational questions to straight forward questions is just like the actual PMP Exam the proportion of categorized questions is identical to the actual PMP Exam subject content is the same as the actual PMP Exam.

Practice and Track Progress

Each time a practice exam is completed, a comprehensive performance report is automatically generated, allowing focus on areas that need improvement. A complete answer explanation and reference is provided for each question. Performance is saved and tracked, allowing you to monitor progress. The Practice Exam simulator is user-friendly, intuitive and navigating is

QRG Exam Preparation will allow students to access our web based practice exam simulation during course delivery and up to a month after course completion at no additional fee.

On request, QRG Exam Preparation can allow students access to this simulation ‘post course’ f.o.c. until they taken the actual PMP exam.

PMBOK® Guide

A print copy of the PMBOK® Guide (Fifth Edition) is provided.

Supporting tools

A calculator, pen, pencil and highlighters are provided.

QRG Exam Preparation, Inc. PMP Exam prep differentiation

QRG Exam Preparation has the ability to provide consistent education globally, our resources have previously trained over 11,000 staff for BAE Systems around the world in countries such as the US, UK Sweden, Germany, KSA and Australia.

Students require no ‘pre-work’ for the course and on completion of the course are completely prepared with all the knowledge required to tackle the PMP/CAPM exam.

QRG Exam Preparation, Inc. has ‘deconstructed’ the PMBOK® Guide to allow the learning material to be presented in the logical sequence of an actual project life-cycle or ‘real world task-oriented fashion’ (what to do, when).

For each of the 50 lessons contained in the course we provide ‘Rapid Review Sheets’ that distil all the key points of that lesson onto one page for later review. Students are provided with a separate Rapid Review binder in which to place all these ‘Rapid Review Sheets’ as they progress through the course.

We supply each student with a full color 18x24 inch Graphical PMBOK® Guide that provides a visual ‘map’ of all the PMBOK® Guideprocesses in a sequence that resembles the conduct of an actual project.

We strongly advise all students to take the exam within 3 weeks of finishing our prep course to avoid increased anxiety and to have all information learned fresh in their minds.

Our web based PMP Exam simulation/’mock exam’ is as close to the real thing as is possible, helping students become familiar with the environment and types of questions they will face and providing them with confidence as their practice scores improve. “

You can contact us at 1866-792-9260 or email us at info@pmexpressinc.com for any information or online registration.”


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