QRG Seniors Services Washington DC


QRG Seniors Services Washington DC

QRG Seniors Services is based on seven acres of property, providing the shadows of cedar, maple and pine trees adding the beauty to the area. The community is very close to the grocery stores, shopping areas, cafes and restaurants. We have been providing the individualized senior care in Washington Dc since August 2008. We provide the unmatched elderly caring service as every resident is taken care by two staff members. We have divided our living area into two homes and try to meet the best possible individual needs. We facilitate our residents according to their demands with a deck or a fire place. They can also amuse themselves with the facilities of sunroom, entertainment room and theatre room. We provide the Mercedes Benz for any medical appointment or a family visit. We also appreciate the family members to get involved in resident’s daily routine through Skype or email. Our aim is to provide healthy living environment to all our senior citizens living in our village. For this purpose, we have thoroughly trained our staff.


 Potomac Maple

This community is based on the elegant décor both for private and semi private rooms, seven acres of fancy green lawns, eight bedrooms, living room, kitchen and a great ball room. The residents of these elderly homes can enjoy beauty of nature closely as raccoons, dear and birds move in the lawns throughout the year and enhance the beauty of the place.

 Potomac Cedar

Potomac Cedar acts as a nursing home because the patient of Dementia and Alzheimer’s are kept here so a big number of residents are found in this part of community. Our staff is very friendly and tries to impose a positive atmosphere for the encouragement and betterment of the inhabitants. They work day and night to improve senior life styles here in Potomac Cedar of Washington Dc by using innovative games for brain stimulation and social interaction. Potomac Cedar is considered as one of the best homes for seniors in Washington Dc as we work hard for the betterment of individual and make them participates in every walk of life.

 Rehab Services

Rehabilitation services are extremely useful for getting rid of short term injuries. Our priority is to provide complete treatment to the individual who sustains injury. Rehabilitation services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy. These services are provided by qualified individuals. On site therapy services are also available for our residents.

 Senior Program Guides

We arrange different kind of recreational activities for our respected residents. These events spread over throughout the week. We arrange transportation services for residents to attend any event of their choice.

 Hospice Services

QRG Senior Services proudly offers hospice services by merging two healthcare programs in one facility. We take the participation of the family along with the hospice team for better senior care service in Washington Dc. We create a home like environment for better elderly care inWashington DC.

 Assisted Living

As every person living in our village is different from others in their personality, habits and demands, we promote and follow assisted living institutions because we are sure that this institution does not bound the dignity, independence and freedom of our residents. We accommodate our staff according to the needs and schedule of residents of our nursing homes in Washington Dc to address the basic needs of bathing, dressing and meals. We provide them quality senior care services by offering security, comfort, relief for resident’s family members, nutritious meals, comfort and intimate environment in a resort style setting.

 Respite Services

You can enjoy extra senior care service for any elderly member in your family in case you have to go out of town for a while. You can take a tour of our senior trust homes before leaving your loved ones in Washington Dc.

 For more information please contact us at 240-281-9804 or email us at infomacmir@gmail.com


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