QRG Nursing Academy Fairfax VA


QRG Nursing Academy Fairfax VA

QRG Nursing Academy of Fairfax VA is serving the community with the mission of developing high standards in teaching methods using latest tools along with experienced and professional staff. Anyone who owns a High School Diploma or General Education Development Certificate can apply for our nursing school certification Fairfax VA. Before joining any nursing school classes in Fairfax VA, they check applier`s criminal background. Many academies in Fairfax VA including ours take an entry test before signing in a candidate for their nursing school courses. The main objective of a nursing school training institute is to serve humanity forgetting about the nationality, race, gender or color. The student of any of our nursing school program in Fairfax VA dominates the students of other institutes in skill, knowledge and medical affairs.

Our certified nursing assistant schools (CNA schools) in Fairfax VA provide 80 hours classroom education and 40 hours of clinical schooling under the supervision of registered nurses. After the completion of certified nursing assistant certification (CNA certification) in Fairfax VA; all our candidates are able enough to sit in National Nurse Aide Assessment Certification Exam. Our certified nursing assistant classes (CNA classes) Fairfax VA enable our student to get detail knowledge of their field. Clinical activities increase their practical knowledge during our certified nursing assistant programs (CNA programs) in Fairfax VA. By taking any of our certified nursing assistant courses (CNA courses) in Fairfax VA; students will gain knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition and infection control. By taking certified nursing assistant trainings (CNA trainings) from our institute in Fairfax VA, you can get a job as care partner, nursing assistant, care assistant, patient care assistant or clinical assistant.

Our medication aide program (Med tech program) in Fairfax VA is authorized by Virginia Board of Nursing. The method adopted by us for medication aide trainings (Med tech trainings) in Fairfax VA is that a registered nurse supervise the medication process. Our medication aide courses (Med tech courses) of Fairfax VA prolong for minimum 48 hours of classroom activity whereas 20 hours of clinical practice. You are more than welcome to join our medication aide classes (Med tech classes) in Fairfax VA from 8th September. After completing their education from our medication aide schools (Med tech schools) in Fairfax VA; they will not face any difficulty to pass Medication Aide Certification Exam. QRG Nursing Academy covers hand hygiene, medical asepsis, legal implication, medication administration through topics and orally and terminology for medication aide certification (Med tech certification) in Fairfax VA. You will also get the discounted price in our tuition fee if you get admission before 30th September.

QRG Nursing Academy is providing the best CPR and QRG aid training in very less pricing in Fairfax VA. Either you want to take CPR certification courses or CPR and QRG aid courses, QRG Nursing Academy is the right place for you. We facilitate our industrial, commercial and corporate clients by giving CPR and QRG aid classes at their required places. Many CPR certification schools in Fairfax VA do give away the CPR QRG aid certification after some time but by joining CPR and QRG aid certification program, VA; our students get their CPR QRG aid certification right on the same day they will finish the course. Those who are interested in taking our CPR and QRG aid program in Fairfax VA can join our weekly classes. Our CPR certification program includes both classroom and practical training. Our mission is to give such education in our CPR and QRG aid schools in Fairfax VA that can be implemented quite easily at any place. After joining our classes of CPR certification trainings in Fairfax VA, our students get CPR, QRG aid and AED just at $120. CPR certification classes help a student to be an effective member of society as he could respond to the serious situations better than a normal person.

To get the personal care aide certification (PCA certification) or home health aide certification in Fairfax VA; FNA is the right choice. After taking our home health aide classes from any of our home health aide schools, the students can easily pass any health related exam or certification program. We teach the basic techniques and reactions in home health aide program and personal care aide program (PCA program). Home health aide education enables a person to take care of a patient in a better way at home rather than a hospital or clinic. By joining any of home health aide courses a student can record medical information, handle the patients or note down the record of patient’s condition. Personal care aide schools (PCA schools) in Fairfax VA also facilitate the community by giving them home health and training. Personal care aide courses (PCA courses) and health care training program are the best way to provide awareness among the people to control and protect themselves from infectious diseases. Both oral and written methods of teaching are implemented in our personal care aide classes (PCA classes) in Fairfax VA. Some academies make it compulsory to take personal care aide trainings (PCA trainings) to get health care training certification in Fairfax VA. Our health care training classes are based on 40 hour training course starting from the ground level and reaches up to the practical work. Our health care training courses help the students to encourage the patients emotionally as well as physically so that they get better quickly. So call today to obtain maximum healthcare benefits.


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