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QRG Power Group | Restaurant,Office,House Cleaning Services Alexandria VA | Commercial Cleaning Services Alexandria VA

QRG Power Group provides corporate services and manages them for all sectors of industry. They believe in traditional values of cleaning and associated services to both the public as well as the private sector. They have operational experience which spans over decades and includes transforming the company into an all-encompassing service provider. We are offering commercial cleaning services in Washington dc, Arlington VA and Alexandria VA.

It is not an unusual occurrence that organizations have tried multiple cleaning service companies, only to be let down by the same vacant promises and meager service? In some cases things might start out really clean and well, only to slowly but surely decline over a period of time. This is what QRG Power Group does not do! We believe in consistent cleanliness for every day till we are cleaning for you.

What happens too often with other cleaning service providers is that they try to win short term. They charge really low for services which prove to be as low in quality and standards. QRG Power Group does no believe in underperforming its duties, but believes in committing to the best performance in town.

All these mishaps that happen far too often with customers looking for cleaning companies need to come to us today!  We will not under deliver. We will not compromise on their cleanliness and consequently on their health and business. We will live up to their expectations as we are used to because we believe in clean that is truly clean. Clean is not what looks clean for a few days, clean is what shows as clean and lasts as clean!

We have a simple formula that has worked for us all these years: make available service that is high quality and attains a reliable level at a fair price. This helps us perform well while our clients are happy to give us the opportunity to serve them and clean for them. They remain loyal to us because we are loyal to their requirements. It is suggested that roughly 90% of clients who are looking for new cleaning or facilities services are forced do so only for the reason that they were their previous service provider disappointed them.

We have an all-inclusive administration and supervision staff. Additionally we have support staff for our onsite workforce. With combined senior management experience of many decades we are capable of managing services of any client of any size as effectively tomorrow as we do today. We conduct performance audits that are on-going. We seek client input and feedback so we know on regular basis what more we can do for our client. This helps us maintain satisfied clients year in and year out while more come on board.

We are proactive and quality-driven and loyal to our clients; we are delivering high standards of service in the following domains:

  1. Janitorial Services
  2. Restaurant Cleaning
  3. Retail Cleaning,
  4. Office Cleaning,
  5. House Cleaning
  6. Carpet Cleaning
  7. Construction Cleaning
  8. Floor Cleaning
  9. Floor Stripping
  10. Window Cleaning
  11. Porter Services,
  12. Pressure Washing
  13. Green Cleaning
  14. Fleet Cleaning,
  15. Work place cleaning
  16. Floor maintenance
  17. Floor waxing
  18. Rest room cleaning
  19. Commercial cleaning
  20. Floor scrubbing


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