Stone Restoration Vienna VA


Stone Restoration Vienna VA

Stone Restoration is recognized as a Granite & Marble repair and restoration division of Power Marble & Granite Ltd. Power Marble has been providing the best flooring services in Vienna Va since 1995. We are offering wide range of residential restoration and commercial restoration services in the area. We have successfully dealt with many clients including construction and residential. We are proudly working with many overseas clients. We are well equipped with the latest tools and one of the fully licensed and insured businesses. We have gained an outstanding reputation for our quality work. Our services include but not limited to marble grinding, marble honing, floor polishing, floor buffing, granite repair, marble repair and tile floor renovation services in Vienna Va. In addition, we provide affordable tile services to match your needs perfectly.

We not only have the knowledge and technology to fabricate granite counter tops but also have the skills to restore surfaces in Vienna Va. We are specialized in all kinds of stone restoration including granite restoration and marble restoration. Our technicians are well trained and organized. They work to exceed the level of expectations of their clients all the time.

Counter Top Services

Are you worried about the chips and cracks on the counter top of granite? No problem, we provide state of the art granite counter top restoration services in Vienna Va. We prefer to retain the natural beauty of the granite counter tops. Either you want to clean out the stone works or need to restore surfaces, Stone Restoration provides with the outstanding customer services in very economical prices.

Grinding and Honing Services

We use diamond abrasives according to the kind of material being restored. By doing so, cleaning and scratch removal becomes very easy.

Marble Buffing Services

If you are worried for stained counter tops, floors, walls or any part of your house made up of limestone, marble, quartz, slate, travertine or granite, no need to get worried at all. Just give us a call and our team of experts will reach at your doorstep in no time to take your entire burden. They can easily deal in with all types of materials either natural or manmade so rely on their expertise unquestioningly and get your house in a neat and clean look just like the new one.

Marble Work Services

You can hire our services for polishing, restoration and for the latest techniques on your marble counter tops, walls, floors, showers, vanities or bars. You can render our services for home stone works and commercial lobbies’ bathrooms and corridors sweep up. Apart from this, we have gained a good reputation among our clients for providing them with the best flooring service and the most affordable tile service in Vienna Va. We can work on the new varieties such as sodalities, rich in various shades of blue and can easily work as an alternative to any of your projects.

Marble Protecting Services

We not only such use chemicals that protect the original or natural shine of the marble but also guide our clients the easy sweeping methods which themselves can apply to keep their places clean for a longer period of time. We are well known for providing the most economical marble and granite repair services.

Call us at 703-961-0617 on Monday to Friday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Saturday for our services and a free quotation


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