VADIM LTD Springfield VA


VADIM LTD Springfield VA

A large number of men and women are hopeless from their head hair condition. Especially many men lose their hair early in life due to male pattern baldness, stress, fatigue and unhealthy life style. Vadim Ltd. is here to solve your problem with a permanent natural hair restoration solution. We are offering hairline reconstruction and hair transplant services in the areas of Arlington VA, Alexandria VA, Washington DC, Falls Church VA, and Annandale VA, Woodbridge VA, Springfield VA, Fairfax VA, Manassas VA, Vienna VA

Hair Transplant

We don’t recommend hair transplant at the first stage because in it nearly 5000 to 10000 new hairs can be placed in an area where almost 50000 new hairs are needed. This means 80% to 90% less hair density than the normal. Hair replacement surgery is a painful process as in it transplanted hairs are used to camouflage the bald spots on the head as all of the areas on the scalp cannot be covered in the treatment. However, Vadim Ltd. is providing non-surgical treatment with a different technology that will give you normal level hair density.

Natural Hair Restoration

Hair implants for men didn’t work for longer period as they become bald again and the procedure needs to be repeated after every 2 to 3 years. Therefore, the best hair restoration procedure is the natural hair regrowth that Vadim Ltd. has promised. If you don’t want to be stuck in the itchy transplant procedures try our natural hair loss treatment. Our hair restoration clinics are working in Washington D.C. and in parts of Virginia (Arlington, Alexandria, Washington, Falls Church, and Annandale).

Total Hairline Reconstruction

We guarantee hair restoration naturally by re-shaping hair loss treatment with our new technology. There are a huge number of products in the market clamming 100% natural hair loss cure; unbelievably they are only 1% effective. Still many people believe in old natural treatments for hair loss like oiling; such people come to us when their hair loss case gets worse.

We have introduced a total hairline reconstruction procedure with our new technology and we claim it is the best natural hair loss treatment.


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