QRG Electic Fairfax VA


QRG Electic Fairfax VA

QRG Electrical is the leading 24 hour electrician for everyone who is looking for commercial electric service and residential electric service in Fairfax VA. We are well equipped with latest tools to act as your reliable emergency electrician of Fairfax VA. We are dealing with large number of commercial and residential clients. Our customers rely on us due to our highest standards and affordable prices. We are one of the fully licensed and insured businesses. Furthermore, we provide free estimates to all interested customers. We are electricians who believe in frequent upgrading of technology. We consider tools as key to success. In this century of technological advancements, it is extremely important to upgrade your tools in order to meet the latest trends of market. It always helps in saving considerable amount of time and workforce. Whether it is matter of electrical service upgrades or electrical service additions in Fairfax VA, QRG Electrical will be the place to remember. Services include but not limited to home rewiring, breaker replacement, electrical code correction, switch installation, plugs repair and many more in Fairfax VA.

Our technicians are organized and vastly experienced in their respective domains. They are dedicated to complete electrical inspection in time. They work day and night to meet and exceed the level of expectations of their clients. Our aim is to provide exceptional customer services to our respected customers. We always prefer long term business relationship over short term. We want to retain our each and every client. Nothing is too big or too small for us. Either you want to repair faulty switches or house wiring including cooper wiring and aluminum wiring repair in Fairfax VA, we will provide effective and efficient solutions for all kinds of switches and outdated wiring. We also deal in all kinds of service panel issues. You may think that your appliance receptacles are properly wired as it is uncommon to find hot receptacles. It may look easier to service your dead outlets in breaker box yourselves. Similarly, if you experience insufficient voltage, flickering lights or light bulb burnouts on regular basis in Fairfax VA, we never recommend troubleshooting without professional assistance as it can be extremely risky. It will be perfect if you call expert as soon as possible. Pool and spa repairing is also one of our specialties. From pool and spa electrical circuit to remodels, we are specialized in all electrical services in Fairfax VA. Unlike other electrical companies, QRG Electrical is a one stop shop for genuine chandeliers, ceiling fans, room lights, ceiling fans and landscaping lighting in Fairfax VA. We also offer innovative solutions for electrical surge protection in Fairfax VA. It is widely used to protect electronics against power surges. The biggest advantage of dedicated circuit is that they guard key appliances from overloading. Whether you are in search of quality contractor to fulfill your installation or repairing needs, we will be glad to provide technical assistance.

For more information, you can call us at 703-304-5085 or email us at bsinghaone@gmail.com


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