Who is QRG Direct?

Question: How much money I have to pay to QRG Direct?
Ans: Only a price of $198 initial fee to start up. We can change the monthly subscription programs to fit in to all budgets.
Question: Why twitter is necessary for my business?
Ans: Twitter operates with the same functionality as Facebook. Actually, people like tweeting and once they find your local business directory page they will like it if they use your services and they had a good experience we create it simple so they can tweet about your services to their circle of friends.
Question: Why Facebook is essential for my business, I think it is only for kids?
Ans: Social media is now the best way to market your business to the targeted audience without anyone actually searching for your services. Your local business directory profile page engages with your Facebook page and other social networks, a comment on your local business directory equals a comment by Facebook that can be seen by others and your friends.
Question: Suppose I already have a video then?
Ans: Then let's utilize it and market it in the right way.
Question: Why should I add a video on my website, is it worth doing?
Ans: Online video improves your chances to be found by 50 times, additionally a video is likely to be clicked about 5 times more. An attractive video that a potential customer will keep in mind may give you more business and even retain it.
Question: What is the work of Electronic Billboard?
Ans: We have created electronic billboard where you can place your special things and it can be altered as frequently as you would like, in addition you can place your video commercials here. Either you have produced one or we may have created for you.
Question: What is meant by Placement Page?
Ans: We create the placement page for you and it is an SEO purpose page to take all of your internet marketing info from your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your own or our video commercials, promotional codes and other to place you on the first page of Google, to bring more business for you.
Question: What is the difference between QRG Direct and other SEO service providers?
Ans: First of all our technology works and places your business on the first page! Secondly, we charge you simply $198 initial fee to start up the process and after that we do not charge monthly fee until we provide you results as a proof of our service works. Thirdly, when anyone reach your profile page your business competitors will not show up anywhere on the page with their data. Actually we exclusively dedicate the page to you (not like the yellow pages). We not just place your company name with phone number on the business profile page. We create a page containing all the details with adequate information about your business to let you make an intellectual decision. Finally, we love to work with one client in one category in one city as we want to be exclusive with you.
Question: Is your company has pay per click policy?
Ans: No we are not optimizing any adwords campaign, we will set your page in the first five positions of organic results.
Question: Why your page created for my business comes first and my website not?
Ans: Actually in our business directory your website is set to open after clicking from the first page of Google. Additionally, your social media profiles, map, changeable coupons and an area for a commercial video you select.
Question: How many keywords do I get?
Ans: You can have at least 15 keywords on which we will work for you and get your website found by the people searching for your services. All of these things will be noted on your agreement with us and additionally the SEO technicians attached to optimize all of those terms through which a large audience may search for your business. After that our SEO technicians at our QRG Direct center will cross reference with each other and will analyze which keywords are most searched in Google and we will optimize them first for your business.
Question: How much time it will take?
Ans: Not more than 60 days of working, however in majority of the cases it take few weeks. Keep in mind you don't pay a cent till you see any results.
Question: What about if the ranking falls?
Ans: It never happened before but if happens then you will not be charged until we get your website back on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.
Question: How much amount of money I can make from this?
Ans: If your business is ranking on the first page of Google then you tell us, how much a client is paying to you?
Question: Will my business website will be on the first page of Google?
Ans: When users click on the link of your social interactive placement page on Google which is actually your business development page then your website will be first thing a customer will see and engage with. This is in fact a live version of your website. In other words a click to our business directory page is actually a click to your business website.
Question: What if I do not have a business website?
Ans: In this case you need us more. Let us make you a well structured and well designed online presence with some additional cost.
Question: What does your exceptional listing mean?
Ans: Exceptional listing means that we will only provide services to one client in one category in one city. Such as washing service provider Richmond VA we will not offer services to another washing service provider in Richmond VA. We not even place any Words advertisement on your business directory page. It will be only for you and what you offer.