QRG Mobile Services Dearborn Heights MI


QRG Mobile Services Dearborn Heights MI

QRG Mobile Services has been the dream place for everyone who is looking for exceptional phone repair, prepaid service and efficient phone activation in Dearborn Heights MI. Exciting features of our services include sharp aquos Crystal, pay as you go phone, no credit check on phone, no contract on phones and no activation on phones with in Dearborn Heights MI. We are proud to deal with all kinds new phones and used phones. The best part of our services is that we offer competitive prices to all our customers. We want to make sure that everyone can go for our mobile connection without any difficulty.

We deal in all famous brands and models. From Samsung S6, Samsung Galaxy Prevail, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC Desire 510 to LG Tribute, we have rich variety of smart phones in Dearborn Heights MI. Smart phones have completely changed the dimensions of our lives. We are able to complete the work of hours in minutes.

Buy & Sell phone in Redford MI

QRG Mobile Services is an ideal platform for buying latest mobiles on discounts. Cell phone online deals are available for every kind of customer at low phone charges. We offer Nokia phone for sale such as Nokia Lumia for sale, ZTE speed phones or I phone 6 plus. Customers can select their desired phones according to their budgets. All new phones come up with brand warranty.

Mobile Plans

We facilitate our customers with an amazing daily mobile plans and monthly plans on mobiles in Dearborn Heights MI. You can enjoy daily unlimited plan for basic phones that includes text, data and unlimited talk with no annual contracts on nationwide print network. Unlimited plan offers unlimited talk, data and text. You can also customize you plan with additional services.

International Calling

In case, you need to call decent number of international calls at regular basis, international calling plans will be the perfect choice for you in Dearborn Heights MI. You can add on several international calling services to your monthly plan. You will get discounted rates to over 200 destinations of world. Moreover, the service of international text messaging is available at 10 cents a message to send and free to receive.

Phone Insurance

There are several benefits of having phone insurance in Dearborn Heights MI. Some of them include no need to pay full price if replacement is required, protection of your investment in accidental damages or break downs.

Smart Phone Repair

I phone repair is always a tricky task and need to be performed by experts. You can rely on the expertise of our technicians for all kinds of Nokia, LG Venice and Samsung phone repairs including Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy prevail 2 in Dearborn Heights MI. For instance your new I phone 5c or 5s, or Moto E new phones have damaged and need to be repaired as soon as possible, QRG Mobile Services will be glad to perform all kinds of repair including I phone screen repair in Dearborn Heights MI.


We offer one stop solution for all types of phone accessories including mobile chargers, memory card, pouch, cable, screen protector and phone battery replacement.

For more information, you can send E-mail at bootsmobileinksterand5miles@gmail.com

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