QRG Air Care Alexandria VA


QRG Air Care Alexandria VA

QRG Air Care has been offering state of the art HVAC cleaning in Alexandria VA for over 20 years. We are committed to provide innovative ways of improving the quality of indoor air. We are the preferred choice of business for improving indoor quality of homes and businesses. We give great value to clean air as it is essential for human life. We are providing wide array of affordable services to residential and commercial clients. Services include but not limited to tile cleaning, grout cleaning, ac cleaning, furnace cleaning, chimney sweep and inspection in Alexandria VA.

QRG Air Care is fully bonded, licensed and insured business. We are well equipped with latest equipment to cater the needs of our clients perfectly. Moreover, our workers are well trained and qualified. They ensure high class craftsmanship at the doorsteps of clients. They are vastly experienced in their respective domains. Extensive experience, A+ rating, certifications and training help us greatly in gaining the trust of customers.

Our mission is to continuously striving for improving the air quality with an aid of updated skills and tools. Our team work hard to ensure 100% satisfaction to their customers. Either you are looking for experts for bathroom cleaning or kitchen cleaning in Alexandria VA, New Capital Care will be your preferred option.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a great danger to you and your property. According to the rules and regulation of many states, certain level of certifications and credentials are required for mold remediation. We are glad that we have already met these requirements. If mold is detected in time, we can avoid serious health concerns. The threat of allergy sensitization varies with respect to the age. We closely work with certified laboratories and inspectors during the mold inspection in Alexandria VA. We facilitate our clients with effective dryer vent cleaning, deodorization, HEPA air filtration and emergency services.

Air Duct Cleaning

It is extremely important to hire professionals for air duct cleaning at least once in every 2 years. By doing so, customers can avoid coughing, sneezing and allergies. Air circulates through air ducts for 4 to 7 times a day carrying debris and dust. Mold starts to build up on filters whenever HVAC is clogged thus affects the air flow of HVAC. We are well aware of the importance of air flow in the reduction of energy cost. We can easily get10% savings and improvement in the indoor air quality even with minor HVAC cleaning. Common reasons for hiring professional assistance include clogs of cobwebs, dust, visible mold, dead insects and rodent droppings. All in all, dirty HVAC system can cause extreme head ache. We are glad to adopt latest methods like mechanical brushing, heap filter vacuuming and fogging to avoid mold restoration during air duct service after air duct inspection in Alexandria VA.

Water and Fire Clean up

We provide one stop solutions to cope with disasters like storms, water damage, fire and flooding in style. Water damage can occur due to several reasons including pipe leakage and flood. Our experts are specialized in fire damage clean up and water damage clean up in Alexandria VA.

Chimney Sweep Up

Frequent chimney sweep is important to prevent house fires and chimney fires in Alexandria VA. Only trained professionals can handle this tricky task without any difficulty. Cleaning involves dust and soot cleaning, build up removing and scraping. Build up of black and brown creosote with the higher internal flue temperature can be devastative. However, the chances of clean chimneys catching a fire are slim to none. Our experts perform chimney inspection before its cleaning to ensure the quality services.


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