Dictyon Language Services Cumberland MD


Dictyon Language Services Cumberland MD

Dictyon Language Services in Cumberland MD provides language services (language classes, translation and interpreting) in more than 100 languages. Since 2004 we have been an industry leader helping students, employers, government agencies, embassies and the private sector in translation, interpretation and language instruction. If you are interested in language services such as learning a language or having a legal document or a manual translated, or need simultaneous or consecutive interpreting our helpful staff will deliver top quality professional services to support you in achieving your goals.

Translation Services in Cumberland MD

At Dictyon Language Services we provide translation services in more than 100 languages. Our language experts skillfully provide translation services in French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Greek, Russian and many, many more. Our translation services staff provides translation assistance for legal translations, technical translations, marketing translations, business translations and document translation in general. We also issue a Certificate of Accuracy with the seal of a Notary Public to all of our translation clients. If you need a certified translation service provider in Cumberland MD , Dictyon Language Services is the right choice for you.

Language Classes Cumberland MD

We provide customized language instruction and language training for a wide variety of students at Dictyon Language Services in Cumberland MD . We also utilize native language speakers to teach various languages. Additionally, our teachers introduce the culture of their country to their students for a full immersion experience and improved language retention. We have adopted various language training methods that include speaking, listening, reading and writing. By reading and writing journals, letters and reports along with commentaries and news articles, and using carefully selected text books, Dictyon prepares our students to pass the required government language tests. At Dictyon Language Services we provide instruction in over 100 different languages including Russian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew and Finnish. After completing all course requirements at Dictyon Language Services in Arlington, our students have been placed in embassies and government offices all around the world. Our past students are currently employed as language interpreters, transcriptionists, translators and editors. All of our government and military students are required to pass stringent government tests that include speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Our instructors are continually attending language workshops to improve their skills. They are constantly updated on current teaching methods, language learning technology and materials. Whether you want to learn Spanish, or wish to learn Greek, our experts will teach you with professional dedication. Our well educated staff is from various parts of the world, and many speak numerous languages themselves. We focus on a course structure that helps all our students to learn a language quickly. Our students take periodic speaking and listening tests for learning assessment. Whether you need to learn French or you want to learn Mandarin, if you are interested learning Russian, like to learn German or Italian, or just must learn Portuguese, Dictyon Language Services in Cumberland MD is the language school for you.

Interpretation Service Cumberland MD

Dictyon Language Services in Cumberland MD has a full service staff of experts for consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpretation services. As part of our quality assurance process, we require all of our interpreters to take and pass an interpreter assessment test. If you need a court interpreter, Spanish interpreter, Vietnamese interpreter or ASL interpreter look no further: our experienced interpreters are ready to communicate your message in any language accurately in a culturally sensitive way.


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