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QRG Law Services Fairfax VA

QRG Law Services has been the top general practice and litigation attorney of Fairfax, Va since 1985. 30 years of exceptional representation has enabled us to earn outstanding reputation as professional litigation lawyer and legal adviser in Fairfax, Va. We are specialized in preparation of wills, business law, family law service, real estate law service, divorce law service, local tax service and state tax service in Fairfax, Va. Our firm has also received the greatest rating from Martindale-Hubbell.

Our attorney is dedicated to meet and exceed the level of expectations of clients. It is extremely important to select experienced attorney to resolve legal issues as non professionals can cause severe financial loss. You can rely on the skills and reputation of our attorney to resolve your legal matters perfectly. Overall, we have 60 years of experience in dealing with estate matters. Real estate attorney and property settlement lawyer provides sound advice by keeping a close eye on the family and personal needs of clients. Nothing is too big or too small for our real estate lawyer as they give equal attention to everyone.

Our tenants disputes lawyer, commercial lease lawyer, commercial sales lawyer and residential properties lawyer provide consultation in partition, trespassing, contract review, drafting, commercial & residential sales and landlord tenant ACT to the residents of Fairfax, Va. Our lawyers listen to the requirements of clients carefully and recommend the best possible solution to them. We give great value to exceptional client handling. Whole team is looking forward to support their clients. We are dealing with wide array of clients that include information technology, healthcare, sales and construction. We are proud to establish long term mutual relations with all our clients.

Our team consists of experienced and seasoned attorneys coming from various backgrounds. Our lawyer for business matters facilitate commercial clients with in house counseling, contracts, transactions, business formation and many more in Fairfax, Va. Trust and estate services include but not limited to medical directives, revocable and irrevocable trusts, assistance for accounting, assistance for estate distribution, assistance for accounting, preparation for legal documents such as will preparation in Fairfax, Va.

Our personal injury lawyer or lawyer for injury provides one stop solutions for various matters like death, insurance claims, defamation, settlements and frauds. Our tax lawyer offers complete estate tax solutions to the respected customers of Fairfax, Va.

Our child support lawyer, custody lawyer and lawyer for divorce are specialized in separation agreements; uncontested divorce petitions and uncontested litigation in Fairfax, Va. Child support attorney and lawyer for child custody are assisting in guideline support, calculation of child support, child support modifications and litigation of custody. In case, you are in search of trustworthy lawyer for power of attorney, QRG Law Services will be your ultimate place.

To schedule a consultation at our offices, you can send us an email at alex.laufer.elpc@gmail.com


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