GPS Driving School Brooklyn NY


GPS Driving School Brooklyn NY

GPS Driving School has been providing reliable Driving education to teens and adults in Brooklyn NY for many years. Due to our quality education and affordable prices, we are well known among the local community. Our high class driving academy is dedicated to help customers learning the art of driving effectively and securely. We offer wide array of driving lessons to help teens and adults in their local driving school of Brooklyn NY. Courses include single lesson, 5 hour pre-license driving courses, duplicate certificates, one on one with instructor and many more. Driving instructors can help you in choosing the right course. Experienced driving instructors and dual control vehicles are the hallmarks of our success in Brooklyn NY. We are equipped with latest equipment and infrastructure to match the needs of our customers perfectly. Whatever the level of your driving is, we can help in improving that. Customers join us to fulfill their driving dreams. Moreover, the pricing of our driving school of Brooklyn NY is very affordable and can fit into the budget without causing any problem. GPS Driving School is fully licensed and DMV approved driving school of Brooklyn NY. Our certified driving instructors let students go through real life scenarios to enable them learning driving efficiently at our registered driving school in Brooklyn NY. We teach the fundamentals of driving to our each and every student who joins our driving classes in Brooklyn NY. We help customers in obtaining driving licenses as soon as possible. Adult driving school focuses on transferring comprehensive knowledge to adults whereas the priority of teen driving school is to create quality teen drivers for future in Brooklyn NY.

Behind the Wheel Training

We offer state of the art adult behind the wheel and teen behind the wheel training to every interested client of Brooklyn NY. We make sure that all teenagers have understood the basics of driving completely. They will be taught secrets of driving including rules of roads, parking and reversing. We remain in touch with the parents during every phase of training as we give great value to the feedback of parents. Customers are more than welcome to ask for flexible appointment as we are glad to serve them as per their convenience. Attendees will also get free pick up and drop off service.

Either you need to work on their driving record or want to obtain additional 5 points for license, our professional instructors will provide quality driving improvement course to achieve the target in style in Brooklyn NY. In addition, one can also join our course for passing road test practice in Brooklyn NY. Are you worried about MVA notice? No problem, our class of driver training will enable you to properly address the requirements of MVA notice.

Package Deals

  • Gold Packages: It includes car, road test appointment and driver for road test.

Cost: 3 lessons=140$ 5 lessons= 190$ 10 lessons= 315$ 15 lessons= 425$ 20 lessons= 540$

  • Platinum Packages: it includes 5 hour pre-lic class, car, road test appointment and driver for road test.

Cost: 3 lessons=160$ 5 lessons= 210$ 10 lessons= 330$ 15 lessons= 450$ 20 lessons= 560$

  • Lucky 7 Package: it includes 7 lessons gold package, car, road test appointment and driver for road test: 225$ & 7 lessons platinum package that includes 5 hour pre-lic class, car, test appointment and driver for road test: 240$.

The BFF Deals

  • Upon signing up for single lesson or package, you and your friend just need to pay 20$ for one lesson.
  • If you bring more than one friend and all of them sign up for lesson or package then your pay 10$ while your friend pay 15$ for the 1st
  • If you bring 4 or more friends then you get 1st lesson for free while your friends need to pay 15$ for 1st
  • For more information, contact us at 718-758-4309 or email us at


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