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GPS Tile & Countertops LLC Potomac MD

GPS Tile & Countertops has been one of the best companies of installation and fabrication of counter tops with engineered stone, natural stone, laminate and solid surface in Potomac MD. We are highly ranked in the industry of stone works due to our high class products and services. We are dealing with wide array of customers including commercial and residential. Rich variety in colors, patterns and materials enable us to convert your ideas into reality. The best thing is that we offer our services at very competitive price and do not charge any hidden cost. We are well versed in latest tools and technology to offer matchless services. We can easily take care of small and large scale projects. Exceptional craftsmanship and customer services are the hallmarks of our success. We offer flexible appointments to all of our customers on weekdays and weekends as we are dedicated to provide free consultation at the residences of customers. Technicians are fully trained and organized and keep your appliances secure during the project. Moreover we are fully licensed and insured business.

Granite and Marble

GPS Tile & Countertops is a one stop shop for the customers interested in buying quality products of marble and granite in Potomac MD. Whether you are looking for installation or granite repair in Potomac MD, GPS Tile & Countertops will provide exotic granite including American Bouquet, barre morning rose, blue pearl, rainbow, paradise, colonial rose, sierra white, tropical green, Wausau and many more. Similarly, you can select from our luxurious variety of granite vanity in Potomac MD.

Engineered Stone

Any material which is made of crushing stones will add beauty and versatility to the look of our rooms. Engineered stones are one of the most environment friendly types of stones. We can use them for interior stone work and exterior stone work in Potomac MD. GPS Tile & Countertops is glad to offer one of the best stone prices in the area. Engineered stones are the ideal choice for kitchen counter tops, bathroom counter tops and quartz counter tops in Potomac MD. When it comes to counter tops, there is no match of engineered stones as they are hygienic and durable. Some of the famous types of stones we offer in Potomac MD include lime stonework, soap stone, lime stone, ice stone and gem stone. Either you are in search of company for stone repair or installation, we are sure that you will like our services for, stone polishing, stone restoration including restoration of national stones and repairing stones in Potomac MD.


Laminate materials are widely used in counter tops. Comparatively, lamination can save decent amount of bucks as it offers affordable patterns and colors in Potomac MD. It also offers great variety in edges and has a decent impact on the sale price.

Solid Surface

We are also well known for providing quality solid surface material for counter tops. Various options of colors, edges and patterns are available. Moreover, customized options also give homeowners flexibility.


GPS Tile & Countertops offers extremely effective services for bathroom remodeling in Potomac MD. If your bath is not in proper shape and you want to get it back on track, GPS Tile & Countertops will be the first choice for bathroom restoration. We offer rich variety in ceramic tiles, floor tiles and wall tiles in Potomac MD to give your bathroom a shining look.


Kitchens are indeed one of the most important parts of our houses and buildings. Kitchen remodeling has become the number one choice in our homes in Potomac MD as it can not only increase the resale value of it but also adds beauty to it. Whether you need to install kitchen sinks or counter tops in Potomac MD, GPS Tile & Countertops will provide amazing option for kitchen renovation.


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