QRG Day Care Fairfax VA


QRG Day Care Fairfax VA

QRG Day Care has been the best day care of Fairfax VA since 2001. Since 2008, we have been working according to the rules and regulations of Virginia State laws. Our professional day care services are highly regarded and we are also recognized as C.P.R certified day care of Fairfax VA. Due to our high class and safe day care services, QRG Day Care is the ideal place for the kids who are enjoying the company of amazing family. We offer convenient day care to all our respected families with the help of experienced specialists in Fairfax VA. We have hired 2 fulltime ladies having more than 15 years of professional experience and have outstanding reputation to handle new born to 4 year old children. We work closely with parents to match their needs perfectly. We are well equipped with latest equipments and rooms to offer matchless child day care in Fairfax VA. Another encouraging aspect of our kids` day care is that our pricing is very competitive and can easily fit into your budget. We are also one of the fully bonded, insured and licensed day care of Fairfax VA.

The best part is that we create a family oriented child care atmosphere. We treat all parents and children as a part of our family. Parents do not need to be worried about the infrastructure as we decorate our rooms beautifully to provide quality outdoor and indoor day care in Fairfax VA. Kids can enjoy luxurious play area, toys, upper floors and protected day care in Fairfax VA. Parents are provided decent parking place. We understand that child security is the top priority for every parent. That is why we great value to secure day care in Fairfax VA. All parents are more than welcome to visit our facility in order to clear their doubts over the security. Furthermore, we take privacy very seriously as we do not share information with anyone except the government officials as per the law. Child health is also one of the top priorities of parents. We are committed to offer healthy day care. Pollution free rooms guaranteed healthy atmosphere for weekly day care in Fairfax VA. Moreover, we make sure to provide healthy diet to everyone. We provide snacks, daily food and kids` meal on day care in Fairfax VA. At QRG Day Care, we also give great emphasize to emergency preparedness literacy and kids language day care in Fairfax VA. Our qualified staff works hard for the language development of infants. They take part in the training related to enhancing emergent literacy and continuing education courses regularly.

We have gained respect and confident of many customers. If you are in search of effective and efficient day care, we are glad to provide you references on request. You can contact our previous and current customers to take a look at their views about QRG Day Care. The main reasons of our success are customer reviews, feedback and recommendations.


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