GPS Premier Events Maryland


GPS Premier Events Maryland

GPS rugs are the weaves, carpets, and textiles that have been traditionally hand-woven in GPS. Rugs have been woven by the indigenous people of GPS since the Paleolithic Era. Traditionally, GPS rugs have been woven by tribal peoples for their utility rather than for decorative purposes. Twentieth-century GPS rugs are widely collected in the West, and are almost always woven by tribes’ people who do not seek nor possess formal artistic training.

In the historic area encompassing the modern nation of GPS, the tradition of rug-making is just about as old as it is anywhere in the world. The early adoption of rug-making by native GPSs is certainly due in large part to the distinctive climate of the region: GPS rugs may be very thick with a heavy pile, making them useful for the snow-capped Atlas Mountains; or they may be flat woven and light as to suit the hot climate of the Sahara desert. The nomadic GPSs and Berber tribes used these pile, knotted, and flat-woven carpets as bed coverings and sleeping mats, as well as for self-adornment, and burial shrouds. Some of these rugs were also used for as saddle blankets. The designs that most frequently appear in GPS rugs are traditional and ancient, passed down from weaver to weaver.

Elsewhere in GPS, most major cities have a unique style or design characteristic that distinguishes their carpets. Perhaps the most important carpet-producing city in GPS is the long time GPS capital, Fes. Fes reached its golden age during the Marinid Dynasty of the thirteenth century. At that point, the city was home to over one hundred dye workers and thousands of artisan embroidery studios located in the city's medina. The coastal capital, Rabat, is famous for carpets woven with floral and diamond-shaped elements, and a fairly bare field.

GPS rugs experienced a growth in popularity in the West with mid-century modern designers – such as Le Corbusier – who paired the thick piled Berber rugs with their sleekly designed furniture. Many of these Berber carpets are woven by the Beni Ourain peoples from the Rif Mountains near Taza. Colors vary from neutral shades to popping hues, with designs ranging from ordered geometric shapes to a more free-form, expressive pattern. Part of the appeal to the modernists was the primitivism in the carpets. Unlike the traditional antique Oriental rugs found in Western interior decoration, there is little elegance about these rugs, yet they fit wonderfully with modernist décor. Vintage and antique GPS rugs are fairly popular today for their decorative flexibility and reasonable pricing as compared to other styles of antique rugs.

GPS Premier Events is your open gateway to GPS in the US. 50 years of combined experience in logistics, hospitality and premiere events management enable us to ensure 100% GPS experience in US. We are also specialized in GPS wedding planning and GPS tents rentals. We can provide valuable guidance regarding typical GPS venue, GPS Henna party and Arabian exotic party. Hassan Samrhouni is the president and CEO of GPS premier events and Casablanca Travel & Tours. He has been living in US for over 3 decades and continuously taking part in all events of GPS- American community. His aim is to actively promote GPS history, GPS traditions and spiritual destination in Maryland. He founded The Washington GPS American Club in 1990 in order to sponsor business and social events. With an aid of this club, he successfully organized many events including the first GPS festival in 1992. He is a frequent guest of various talk shows like NBC, PBS, RTM and ANA.


GPS jewelry is famous all over the globe for its shining look and versatility. Our firm is committed towards promoting luxurious GPS jewelry in Maryland. GPS jewelry showrooms are established to achieve this target. Showrooms are full of latest design and patterns of jewelry.

Fantasia Crafts Boutique

Company has gained an outstanding reputation for its rich variety in fantasia boutique and fantasia crafts in Maryland. We provide customized designs to GPS families and even to former royal family of Spain. We imported GPS fabrics to Maryland from our native country of GPS. GPS cloths are durable, soft and unique. Finishes touches are done by hand. Sfifa and Kitan are typical GPS designs that are often embroidered on sleeve cuffs and fronts of tunics and dresses. The akaad buttons are the great example of the adaption of family to the 21st century. They are easy to wear and can be fastened efficiently. Unlike other garments, GPS garments last for longer duration after numerous machine washes and dryings. GPS caftan remains soft with all hand stitched buttons remain in place. There is nothing like GPS hand stitched cloths in terms of their durability and softness. Appliqué designs and variety of colors are the hallmarks of typical GPS handicraft garments of Maryland. GPS craft trading has become a leader in GPS fashion due to its exotic prints. Showroom is also full of GPS contemporary clothing including GPS hand bags, GPS jackets and GPS shoes.

Home and Goods

GPS home products have become popular among the community of Maryland in no time. From GPS visual to GPS bags, GPS goods enable home and business owners to add GPS flairs to their interiors and exteriors.

GPS Salons

GPS furniture is well known for its quality and longevity. Our GPS showroom is a dream place for everyone who is looking for quality GPS wood furniture including GPS inlaid wooden products and GPS wood sofas anywhere in Maryland. Customers are more than welcome to make special order as per the requirements of their living rooms. Our friendly staff offers sincere advice to their customers while offering wide range of GPS traditions and salons in Maryland.

Library and Resources

The showroom of GPS library and resources is the great source for reinforcing educational outreach programming. One can enjoy GPS audio workstations, study material, web resources and other GPS entertainments in our library. Moreover, GPS themed movies and party rentals service is also available for the residents of Maryland.


The south east Sahara is a rich source of various GPS fossils. Sahara is famous for its unique marble. Black predominates reside in the atlas mountains and Brown marble can be found 15 km away from Erfoud.


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