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Storage and moving services go hand in hand. You may need one when you get the other. GPS Movers offers professional moving and storage services for its customers. We are you best moving and storage near me options and our storage services are the safest and securest.

When you move there may be things that you can’t purge or can’t even take away with you. For office moves some equipment or important documentation may have to be put in storage. You also may want to store antiques and furniture that isn’t in use. For all this and more GPS moving storage services will be your best possible choice.

Salient features of our storage and moving services:

GPS movers offers the best moving storage services in town. Our storage services are secured and well-kept and we have a great management system. All our storage services are sure to have:

  • 24/7 security measures with CCTV surveillance
  • All types and sizes of storage
  • Private storage facilities
  • Packing materials and storage boxes
  • Weather and pest resistance facilities
  • Affordable rates
  • Uniform ventilation
  • Fireproofing

Management of the most affordable storage service in town:

Our storage facilities are a hit among all our customers due to the outstanding services that we deliver. The management of our facilities is amazing and our inventory management procedures are time and tested. We have a well-devised system of entry that helps us to know the location of even a stored hairpin in minutes.

We offer quality moving and storage facilities at the most affordable rates. You are unlikely to find a better and more secure storage facility at these rates. The monthly rent is affordable and we provide separate financial offers for our climate control cells. We have managed to keep our rates low to make secure storage easy for all.

Security measures that match none:

It is no exaggeration that out storage facilities are more secure than any other such service. The 24/7 CCTV monitoring of your storage cell can be observed by you at all times through your computer. There is only one key to your personal storage and once you lock it no one can go inside. We use the most top quality locks on all our doors and have efficient alarm systems that make our facilities securer.

Our brilliant and hardworking staff will facilitate you in all ways that they can. You can come by and take a thorough examination of our facility yourself any time. Our team is trained and courteous and you will not have any problems with the people on board. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 571-250-6308

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