QRG skin Care and Spa Mitchellville MD


QRG skin Care and Spa Mitchellville MD

Women have been working hard to make them spectacular and younger than their age for centuries now. This urge of looking beautiful and attractive has increased with the passage of time and due to the presence of thousands of beauty products in the market. Apart from this women keep on applying various homemade remedies to cure various skin issues. QRG Skin Care and Spa provides all its clients the most economical rates for any skin care treatment as we focus to provide natural skin care treatment with the best and most effective results. We have become one of the most trustworthy skin care spa centre in a very short time among the community of Mitchellville MD. To meet the satisfaction level of our clients is our goal and we strive to meet it. We always use natural and healthy Dermalogica- Skin Care products as this sin care product guarantees to provide maximum benefits to its users. We also facilitate our visitors with Free skin analysis Mitchellville MD. Our staff is experienced, courteous and knowledgeable. They perform every task with utmost pleasure and expertise. Our services are not limited to waxing, facials, or cleansing of the face rather we provide a complete package related to Body treatment Mitchellville MD.

Your face is the reflector of your personality that is why not only women but men also pay special attention to their faces. QRG Skin Care and Spa offers various customized packages for face treatments. Dark eyes, acne issues, open pores, dark spots, black or white heads, skin tone issues are some of the common problems faced by everyone. We recommend treating even the minor skin related problems with great care and must consult a specialist who is targeting skin issues. We have the best facial experts in the Mitchellville MD who not only guide the client about the best facial treatment according to their skin and also tell them various methods regarding legs cleansing, arms cleansing or cleansing the whole body properly. The charges of the simple makeup or make over with eye lashes do not become a burden on the pocket of our clients. We suggest to exfoliate your skin once a week as exfoliation cleans your skin from dead cells leaving behind a brighten skin Mitchellville MD. Our treatment for older ones helps to tighten skin as we use various serum and masks and the method of bath soaks for the process. Micro zone facial is compulsory to all those who want to revitalize their dull and broken out skin. Although the process of extraction is painful as it helps in removing the black heads yet the process helps in getting a smoother skin.

We also provide the required waxing solutions to our clients. Eyebrows waxing need especial care and attention of the performer because the skin around our eyes is the most sensitive part of our body. We are the ultimate choice of most of our clients for eyebrows waxing, lip waxing and chin waxing Mitchellville MD.


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