QRG Homes Fairfax VA

QRG Homes Fairfax VA

A home is a place of ultimate peace, satisfaction and contentment for everyone and QRG Homes has been striving for turning houses into homes since 1976. We are a family owned, bonded and insured business aiming to fulfill the dreams of all our clients of Fairfax, VA. Starting the business single handedly in a pick-up, now our business is ranked as Class A licensed company with 30 member hardworking, experienced and efficient staff. Providing 100% satisfaction to our clients is our goal which we achieve in every project. The blend of experience and technology helps us to accomplish our tasks of remodeling and renovation within time. When it comes to home improvement, every one of us wants a stylish yet practicable. With the passage of time, the demand of making the interior and exterior of the house unique and stylish has increased. This is the reason that there are dozens of companies providing home renovation services in Washington, DC. We demand reasonable pricing for all our services as compare to our competitors.

Right from the dramatic change to refresh the look or to rebuild the whole house or any part of it, we do not compromise on the quality of our work and customer care. Kitchen is not only a place of cooking or eating meals rather it is a place of unison for the whole family. If you have got bored of the old look of your kitchen, QRG Homes have the most innovative ideas to give your simple place a grand look. Our team discusses various ideas of kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation according to the place. After visiting the place, we can change the looks with kitchen repair only.

Bathrooms are an essential part of our houses and need as much attention as any other part of the house want. People are concerned about the bathroom renovation parallel to their concern about any part of the house. When it comes to major bathroom repair, people prefer to go for bathroom remodeling. Glass work is added into the bathroom to give it a new yet chic look. Basements can be used for various purposes like an office, a home theater, play area for kids, place for parties and many more. For utilizing the maximum capacity of the place, basement remodeling is suggested. We also guide and help our clients about the deployment of unfinished basement. We are providing benefits to all our clients who want a complete renovation of their bathrooms with $1000.

Both the interior and the exterior of the house needs same amount of attention. You may find many contractors but hiring a qualified one is the real task to perform. The painting contractor of QRG Homes is well known among the community of Washington, DC for his experience, behavior and professional attitude for the interior and exterior painting of the house. Either you want to renew the look of inner furniture or walls or the outer of the house; only the exterior or interior painting can do the magic. Apart from home remodeling, we are also specialized in home addition in Washington, DC. Additions can be made such as double story, sunroom, bathrooms, family room, garage or any such part according to the place and need of your family.

Contact us at 703-503-5050 or email us at pthomeva@gmail.com for hiring any of our services to change your humble place into a dream royal one.

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