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Conference Equipment

We offer all kinds of equipment that you can use in conferences. Nothing will ever be out of place if you choose AV Universal for your conference equipment requirements. We understand that all clients and events are different and we need to accommodate the requirements of every one of them. That is why; we make sure that we have everything you need; any time you need it.

Push to Talk Equipment:

We have a wide range of push to talk microphones and you can choose whichever one you think meets your requirements. We have automatic microphones that have both long stem and regular stem models. Some models have a built-in digital voting box that will make your conference voting far simpler. You can also choose from models with built-in speakers that are easy to operate and set up. We maintain a large inventory of push to talk equipment that can support up to 50 delegates at a time.

Interpretation Equipment:

Most international conferences have delegates from all over the world and you may need interpretation equipment for them. We have a wide range of conferencing services that include interpreter support for up to nine languages. No matter how many delegates there are in your conference or how many rooms the conference stretches upon; our equipment will work seamlessly and switch between languages smoothly. We keep your budget and specific needs in mind and customize our hardware and software solutions to match the requirements of every project.  


No one can ignore the importance of conferences because they hold the key to brand management. We offer innovative solutions to meet technical requirements for all kinds of conferences. You can reach us at any time to get free of cost quotations and a 10% discount on conference equipment rentals.

Conference equipment provided by AV universal

Push To Talk Conference One

Our One I discussion system is specifically for multiple platforms. It comes with the modern mixing technology, quality loud mixer, amp, and mixer. The unit consists of 59 delegate consoles and power supply. You just need to plug in the series of consoles to a power supply in order to set it up.

Getner /Telos System

Telos system is a perfect example of a digital hybrid system, used for teleconferencing and broadcasting. Smart software and teleprocessing technology form a perfect combination. It not only ensures consistent performance but also to save a considerable amount of money. Digital nulling makes every conversation smooth and free of any voice distortion.

Polycom Sound Station

Acoustic technology ensures a high quality of voice to make conference calls more productive. Group communication is no longer a big deal due to the advancements of smart conference phones.

LED lighting and hi-fi equipment for wedding celebrations

AV Universal fully understands the importance of once–in-a-lifetime events such as weddings. That is why our entire workforce is committed to making them memorable. From the latest led lights and wireless microphones to speakers, we provide user-friendly and affordable audio video solutions to transform the look of the venue. We assist customers to choose the best possible equipment according to their unique preferences.

You can easily face embracement in front of a big crowd in case you do not make timely arrangements of accessories. Our team at AV Universal makes sure to test all equipment before the commencement of meetings, parties, and conferences. We do not take chances and make sure the event goes on smoothly.

Staging and lighting equipment
AV technicians are well equipped to cover all kinds of residential and commercial lighting needs. You can rely on our expertise to get your audiovisual needs no time. We continuously adopt innovative ways to surprise our customers. We do not use nor recommend outdated equipment because they are less efficient than recent technology.

Leko Lite
Leko Lite luminaries provide reliable instruments for commercial use. Its hallmarks are luxurious output, exceptional distribution, and smooth edges.

Flat Par Tri 18
Intelligent solutions like these come with a LED par fixture, used for configuration and for standalone mode. It is also a part of our mission to maintain the highest standards in the lighting industry.



DIGIMIC is a plug and play conference microphone system that self-adjusts to on-site frequency conditions. Selectable voice activation or push-to-talk modes available via control equipment for wired and wireless microphones. All microphones are RF/GSM resistant.

The DCen

The DCen Central Control Unit controls all connected wired and wireless microphone units within the DIGIMIC discussion system, configures them automatically, and routes the digital audio exactly where you need it.

Telos ONE modem

Telos ONE modem presents superb digital telephone hybrid performance for broadcast, teleconferencing, and communications applications. Proven Telos processing technologies perform all hybrid functions, gain control, and filtering completely in the digital domain. The use of intelligent software, rather than complex hardware, makes the Telos ONE very affordable while ensuring consistently superior performance regardless of telephone line characteristics.Fast, precise automatic digital nulling allows smooth, natural, simultaneous conversation without the usual speakerphone up-cutting effect, voice distortion, and level matching problems often experienced with other hybrid-type interface devices.

Shure C1-Di Conference ONE Microphone Discussion System

Shure C1-Di Conference ONE Microphone Discussion System, with the ConferenceONE with Intellimix Discussion System you are able to connect up to 60 Delegate Consoles

Polycom Conference phone

The standard for voice conference calls in small and midsize conference rooms

PolycomHDX8000 Video Conference

The clarity of Polycom HDX 8000 series systems enables users to interact Over video freely and naturally, and with the HDX 8000 series systems’ embedded Multipoint and content-sharing capabilities, remote team members can quickly and easily be brought together to collaborate on projects visually in this superior Telepresence solution.


Integrus is a system for wireless distribution of audio signals via infrared radiation. It can be used in a simultaneous interpretation system for international conferences where many languages are required. The languages translated or interpreted are then distributed throughout the conference venue, so delegates can select their language of choice and listen to it through wireless receivers.

Multicaisses full-size interpretation booth

Multicaisses full-size interpretation booth. This booth meets and exceeds ISO. It can be setup to fit two or three interpreters. Full size booths are ideal for big conference where the interpreters can have an external audio feed so they can interpreter back to the audience without any interruptions.

The PPAR358N

The PPAR358N from Williams Sound is a high-quality beltpack receiver designed for use with Williams Sound PPA transmitters. The receiver has a slim, ergonomic design that’s easily held, slipped into a pocket, or clipped to a belt. The top of the receiver has a frequency selector knob, which lets you easily select the desired operating frequency.

The Williams Sound IC-2

The Williams Sound IC-2 is an audio control center for simultaneous interpretation of one or more languages. As a stand-alone unit, it allows one or two interpreters to monitor floor or relay sources, activate microphone inputs, and route the interpretation signal to one of two language groups. Ideal for presentation-style conferences of up to 14 languages.

The Shure MX418D/C is a standard gooseneck microphone

The Shure MX418D/C is a standard gooseneck microphone with interchangeable cartridges. The MX418D/C comes with the cardioid capsule for excellent rejection of off-axis noise. You’ll find the MX418D/C offers wide frequency response and accurate sound reproduction for a variety of applications.

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