QRG Mold Inspection Fredericksburg VA


QRG Mold Inspection Fredericksburg VA

You know the saying that you are what you eat. Similarly, you are 90% of what makes your surroundings - mainlybecause you spend long hours indoors, breathing whatever is floating in the air and you have no idea what is in the air.

Changes in temperature

With weather changes outside, especially during the colder months, things change inside as well and the surroundings change as well. Since the weather is colder outside as well as inside, you don’t open doors and windows as much as you would during the warmer months – and therefore the inside air becomes staler over the time.But with the changes in temperatures, you don’t know what could be growing around you not visible to the eye because of the colder temperature.

Do you have a healthy environment?

You need to be cautious about your health,and find out what your environment is like. With the changes around you, there could be stuff growing in the nooks and crannies of your home and office, which could be harmful. Invisible spores could be floating around you, which could be quite dangerous for you and others.

You could start off anair quality testingof the environment around you. You could have something breeding in the dark and damp spots around the house. First check the small and unseen spots around your house for mold damage.

Start immediately……

To solve this problem, you may have to get air quality sampling done immediately, especially air sampling for mold. However, the first thing that needs to be done is to get a mold inspection done by a good mold inspector. The mold damages hould be assessed by a good mold expert who has the expertise torunthe required

mold testing on the samples taken from the building, and if need be also carry out toxic mold testing and black mold testing, to determine if there is any black mold damage. For better results you should get someone who is an environmental consultant of mold,who can provide certified mold inspection service to you.

The mold specialist should be qualified enough to do the job properly and be able to advice on the best ways for mold removal and mold cleaning,and tell you different ways of mold remediation.

Protection from infections

The biggest culprit that encourages the growth of mold is water damage due to seeping pipes that burst during low temperatures. Only a water damage specialist can assess the damage done and give proper remedies that can fix the problem.

Seepage could also occur from other different sources, so while you are making repairs, you could also get a sewage inspection done and if need be get sewage cleanup done promptly to protect you and your environment, and therefore keep you healthy and safe. As it is this is a time when viruses are spreading infection any way and people are very vulnerable, so it is better to take necessary steps to make the environment healthier – as they say protection is better than cure.


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