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QRG Roofing Experts Dunwoody GA

The expression “roof over my head” is as basic and real as saying “my bread and butter”. Roofing is what protects everything else underneath it including your valuables, everything that means anything to you including your family and yourself.

Having said that about roof its importance should never be underestimated when it comes to roof replacement. Asphalt roofing, also known as shingle roofing, architectural shingle roofing, or three tab shingle roofs the most commonly used roofing by roofing companies in the Dunwoody GA area.

Roofing contractors usually suggest roof replacement any time they get called out to look at a roofing leak repair problems, not trying to put the blame on the roofers in Dunwoody GA, the problem is a thorough examination of roofing is a tough and time consuming job and most roofing specialists do not take the time to figure out the root cause of a roof leak and just go with a simple fix to them “let’s just replace the roof” which ends up costing the homeowner dearly.

Our roofing experts at QRG Roofing Experts are qualified and Haag trained to inspect roofing problems to rule out storm damage, hail damage and plumbing malfunctions first before making the homeowners fork out monies that they justly should not have to pay for what should have been an insurance restoration claiming the first place. If your roof no matter if it is a Metal roof, slate roof, or terracotta roof, needs to be examined against age as well as all other possible weather related damages according to Haag rules.

If you own a home in the Dunwoody GA or surrounding area and are in the market for roofing repairs we are the right home renovation company and chances are that we offer our certified services in your area. Have one of our roofing Experts with the right knowledge and experience to come out and take the time to diagnose and identify the issues you are having accurately and suggest the best solution customized to your home by the best in the business roof installers at a price that is honest and affordable. Ask about our financing options and same as cash plan. Being a full line home improvement company we offer specialty home improvement financing plans.

We are (BBB) Better Business Bureau Accredited roofing company in Dunwoody GA.


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