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Master Marking has been providing remarkable cracks repair, parking lot striping and seal coating striping to the residents of Mclean VA since 1997. We are a family owned business which is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We provide free of the cost estimation and quotation service. Since the beginning, we are striving to provide 100 % satisfaction to all our residential and commercial clients. We provide 2 years warranty to all our seal coating projects. Our experienced team makes our every project a remarkable one. They are all factory trained, well organized group of people working with the aim of meeting the expectation level of our clients.

Seal Coating Service

Just like every other thing, driveways or parking lots both of residential and commercial areas need proper care and maintenance. We recommend seal coating for parking lot maintenance because it helps in weakening the process of erosion. If seal coating is kept up properly it saves the money and the precious time of our clients. We adopt the following method for seal coating process.

We sweep up the whole area so that all debris is removed and all the cracks and damaged area becomes clearly visible.
Application process needs extra attention of ours. We apply Seal Master Brand for coating that is especially made for residential driveways. It also does not create much mess on grass or walls. To give a neat yet perfect look we prefer manual application instead of the sprays.
To save the newly coated area from getting damaged by any vehicle or any pedestrian, we cordon it off.
Crack Filling

If the asphalt sealing is cracked, broken or you find grass growing in gaping holes, it is time for an immediate repair. Commercial parking lot maintenance must be done on emergency basis as it is used more than a residential one. We apply all those methods and techniques for asphalt repair that are quick and inexpensive. Our asphalt service workers examine the surface closely to figure out damaged asphalt. If they find any deeper holes or missing pieces of asphalt, they immediately start the maintenance work. The seepage of water to the inner surface keeping it moist for a longer period of time causes for potholes. They can appear anywhere on the roads, garages etc. Extensive repair is required then. We not only rectify the residential or commercial garages but also do pavement replacement, pothole repair and road crack filling in Mclean VA. We move abruptly on every call to repair road cracks as we know the importance of the lives moving on the road and to keep them safe.

Line Striping

Road striping provides a clear guidance to the drivers on the road. Master Marking provides professional striping service such as fire lanes, stop lines, and hash out, parking space lines, handicap or cross walks. You can hire our services for re-striping or for new striping. If any business owner uses line striping, he identifies the parking garages to his clients which are very convenient for all its clients.

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