QRG Computer Repair Alexandria VA


QRG Computer Repair Alexandria VA

QRG Computer Repair has been providing professional repair and maintenance services to fulfill the technological requirements for many years. We have the ability to deal with all the leading makes and models present in the market. If a client contact us for the maintenance and repair work of his/her gadget that is not in our list, even then we guide him/her about the problem and also resolve the issue they are facing. We have gained a good reputation in Alexandria VA for computer repair and laptops repair that not only residential or commercial clients call us for our services but Government organizations such as Department of Agriculture, Justice Department, US Coast Guard and many other institutes has shown their trust on us. Our services are not limited to technical equipment and services parallel to this like IT, data processing, electronic office equipment, ADP equipment and many more. Apart from this, we can also fix your laptops, faxes, printers, computers etc. We had been a proud service provider to the Department of State, Department of Defense, and Department of Labor a few years back.

We deal with all the latest office equipment such as printers, copiers, laptops, ADP equipment, or fax equipment. Printers have become part and parcel of our offices, schools, universities. Total Technologies is the leading printer repair service provider in Alexandria VA. We can cope with any problem in all leading brands such as Brother, HP, Xerox printers, Lexmark. We are an authorized Xerox printer service provider. Paper jamming, error code, an error light are some of the problems caused in a printer. If you need to hire a company for repairing service or want toner, developer units or drums or any part of the printer, we are surely your ultimate choice. We facilitate our clients by providing commercial printer repair service under one contract with the guarantee of exceeding the lifetime of the printer after the repair. You can hire our services for wide format printers and blotters as we can easily handle any size of blotter repair in Alexandria VA.

If your copier is transmitting data slowly or not connecting to the network, no need to get worried. Give us a call and our expert staff will not only do the copier repair but also tell you various methods to avoid problems like squeaking, jamming or error codes in the future. We can easily manage any problem in black and white or colored printer. We provide quick response on the call for a commercial printer repair in Alexandria VA as we know the importance of time and sensitivity of office work. Common problems in colored printers are missing colors, configuration problems, jamming, color bleed, copy quality, color registration, scanning or emailing issues.

Whether your fax machine is not receiving faxes or unable to send them, all, you have to do, is to give a call to Total Technologies to get the best fax repair services throughout Alexandria VA. A scanner helps in organizing and sharing important documents and memorable pictures. It provides an electronic image of hard copies. A problem in a scanner deprives us of sharing these documents. All, you have to do, is an abrupt fixing of it. QRG Computer Repair provides unmatchable scanner repair services in Alexandria VA.


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