Tri- state Funeral Services Fairfax VA


Tri- state Funeral Services Fairfax VA

Tri- State Funeral Services has been offering the most efficient and effective funeral services in tri-state areas for more than 47 years. We are highly regarded among the local community. Our mission is to treat all grieving families with dignity, compassion and care. We will be your ultimate place of comfort in all tragic losses. Mourning is an expression of our feelings at the time of death of a person. Tri-State Funeral Services want to meet and exceed the level of expectations of our clients. We get business from referrals and calls received from customers. Obviously, all of us give great value to friendly cost in our business lives. We make sure to offer quality services at competitive pricing. The prime example of our economical pricing is to go for casket of your choice at wholesale price. You are also more than welcome to itemize our services as per your requirements. In order to make wide decision and keep your cost down, advance planning is essential. We are specialized in wide range of funeral arrangements including alternate funerals, funeral cremations and death certificates in Fairfax VA.

Tri-State Funeral offers cost friendly ways of holding traditional ceremonies. All comprehensive packages include similar services except the variation in casket or merchandise. Services include but not limited to use of facilities, hearse, one registration book, 25 thank you cards, removal and embalming and funeral director in Fairfax VA. We carry caskets of all leading vendors to ensure comfort to our respected families. Moreover, we always practice eco friendly services. All of our staff is well trained and organized. They have gained several years of experience and knowledge. They give great attention to their customers and ensure supreme customer services to them.

Direction Cremation

Direct cremation costs 11750$ and includes document preparation, funeral director, couple of certified copies of death certificate, cremation urn, cardboard cremation container and approval fee of cremations in Fairfax VA.

Cremation with funeral viewing and rental casket

Funeral with cremation costs 3550$ in Fairfax VA and includes basic services of funeral director and staff, embalming, dressing, casketing, cosmetology, transfer of remains, hearse, certified copy of death certificate, cremation approval, cremation Urn, cardboard cremation container, online obituary, registration book, teardrop life print memorial keepsake pendant and option of conducting funeral at your preferred church or at our reposing chapel.

You can select your disposition from Glenwood Cemetery that includes the placement in ground for cremains in the baby section at 650$, Garden of Angels section for cremains at 1400$, Glenwood Cemetery Niche at 700$, Garden of Scattered Memories at 100$ and scattering at sea. We invite you to have a good look at our offers and contact us in case of any questions, confirmations and verifications.



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