QRG Funding Services SC


QRG Funding Services SC

QRG Funding Services has been one of the best consumer finances companies of SC for the last 12 years. Our efficient funding program enables us to pay bills on site. We are the one stop shop for retails and service providers. The best part of our financing is that it has 84% approval rate. Our basic criterion is based upon the income of customers not their credit score. We are the first choice of consumer finance company of merchants. Millions of Americans cannot qualify for traditional financing due to credit history. Consumers can get full amount of sales upfront without any finance fee. We just analyze that whether customer can pay back the loan or not. We facilitate merchants with minimum cost to them. Merchants can go for 6 to 12 months terms. Nothing is too big or too small for us as we provide our services to wide range of customers. We offer wide array of products to small businesses.

Moreover, we provide customized solutions to meet specific business requirements and also keep customers updated about latest financial products. We want to help everyone in establishing themselves financially. Even if you are a housewife and want to fulfill your dream of music, gold and diamonds, QRG Funding Services will be glad to offer you music financing and jewelry financing anywhere in SC. On the other side if you have a potential to become the sporting icon, we will be there to offer you sporting financing. We also give great emphasis to the treatment. Affordable veterinary financing, healthcare & medical financing including dental financing and plastic surgery financing can easily relieve the stress of customers.

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients in increasing sales volumes and approving clients immediately. We offer nationwide services through our online portals. We are committed to provide top notch financial products and supreme customer services at the doorsteps of our customers. Our sales agents are well trained and organized. They have obtained several years of industrial experience to get the insights of latest trends. Another great feature of our services is that we offer small business loans online through our partnership with Coward. Unlike majority of the banks, QRG Funding Services hardly takes anytime to finalize the loan.

We give preference to real life data over credit check duration the process of evaluation. You can utilize our funding for several purposes. Business owners can hire our care credit, auto parts and services financing, air conditioning financing, healthcare financing, electronic store financing, in house consumer financing and others in SC to establish them. Similarly, homeowners can make a great use of our home improvement financing that include flooring finances, outdoor power equipment financing, air conditioner financing, sewing vacuum financing, siding and window financing in SC to stabilize themselves. We want to make sure that majority can easily go for our financing.

Our process is quite simple and efficient. We consult payment history and other default patterns to guarantee funds. All of the payments are finalized in no time. In order to avail our services, you just need to fill up the form. Afterwards, verification of income and bank statement is required. Then you will scan the invoice and other details. Merchants are paid within 5 days after final approval.


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