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QRG Skin Care & SPA Fairfax VA

Looking smart, young and beautiful is a natural desire of every human being. Spending time and money on buying the products to enhance the beauty has become the part and parcel of our lives now especially the women. Spa and salon service includes numerous health treatments along with the beauty treatment. We are a bonded, insured and licensed spa and salon service providers of Fairfax VA. We have the latest equipments and techniques which our experienced workers use to provide state of the art facilities to all our respected clients. All our workers attend workshops to learn latest trends to apply expertly on our clients to enhance their beauty.

Hair and facial treatment

Healthy skin and stylish haircut enhances your personality whereas dull and rough hair destroys the image of a good looking person. We facilitate the people of Fairfax VA with professional haircut and facial service at competitive pricing. We are no doubt are the trend setters in haircut styles in Fairfax VA. Men`s haircut is as important as of the women and they like to have face facial too. This is the reason that we not only follow the trends for men or women haircut and facials but also introduce our own styles too. We always welcome the opinion and demands of our clients and give them the most suitable pieces of advice. We arrange an appointment with the stylist if required or any customer demands for the hair treatment or cut. Hands and feet also play a vital role in shaping up a good personality. Our manicure and pedicure services are far better and of course different from others. Wedding is the most important day in a person`s life. That is why everyone wants to look stunning on this day. Along with the arrangements, clothes, jewelry; hair style is the most important too. We offer various packages regarding bridal haircut and bridal up-do. A good haircut of a cute child makes him/her even cuter but a bad one changes the whole persona. Keeping these things in minds, we offer children haircut. Dying or coloring the hair is no more associated with old age or grey hair. We are capable of doing all types of coloring treatments. Double process color is far more difficult and time consuming as compare to the single process color. We bleach the natural or already dyed color then the desired colored pigment is added to the hair. Colors damage our hair badly. If you color your hair and feeling dry, rough and damaged hair, no worries. Take an appointment at QRG Salon & Spa as you are in desperate need of corrective color. The smoothing treatment is slow and based on several visits but healthy nourished hair is guaranteed.

Spa Services

If you believe in the curative powers of mineral water then spa service are the best one for you. Although Swedish massage and deep tissue massage resembles; but the second one is used to relief the chronic pains. Our experts can do various massages to relax the clients such as sports massage, hot stone massage, Thai massage etc. 


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