QRG Cleaning Services Alexandria VA


QRG Cleaning Services Alexandria VA

QRG Cleaning Services has been providing exceptional power washing services in Alexandria, VA for many years. Professional power washing has enabled us to become the leading power wash company of the area. We are highly regarded as one of the premier power washing companies and pressure washing companies of Alexandria VA.

There are several reasons for our success. Firstly, we are well equipped with latest cleaning equipments to offer quality power washing in Alexandria VA. We are also one of the approved commercial water recovery cleaning contractors. State of the art equipment and environmental friendly solutions make us the prefer choice of pressure washer in Alexandria VA. Secondly, we offer exceptional customer services to everyone. Professionalism and economical prices are our hallmarks. We insure 100% satisfaction to all our customers.

At last but not the least, our pressure washers are vastly experienced and trained in their respective domains. They work whole heartedly to meet pressure washing needs of their clients perfectly. We are dealing with large number of residential and commercial clients including restaurants, shopping malls and buildings. QRG Cleaning Services is fully bonded, licensed and insured business.

Commercial & Residential Services

Nothing is too big or too small for us as our commercial power washers are specialized in all kinds of commercial power washing in Alexandria VA. We only use and recommend quality grade cleaners to eliminate the risk of mildew, mold and dirt. Commercial washing includes but not limited to side walk cleaning and dumpster enclosure cleaning.

Our qualified commercial pressure washer is specialized in store front cleaning; restaurants power washing, power washing driveway and power washing gas stations in Alexandria VA. We have designed our pressure washing services specifically to address the needs of our clients. We also deal in condominiums, industrial and government facilities, graffiti removal and office buildings/complexes. It is essential to remove graffiti from surfaces including painted, brick, plastic and metal as soon as possible as it can easily decrease the value of our property.

Our residential services include deck cleaning, reconditioning and sealing of decks. Deck power washing and sealing is essential to reduce potential threats to our decks. Power washing a deck not only beautifies our deck but also protects it from severe weather conditions. Whether your deck is one month or 20 years old, we will restore the look of your deck with exceptional deck power washing services in Alexandria VA. Unprotected wood is always susceptible to condensation as it absorbs rain and due very quickly.

All our vehicles have hot water pressure washer or industrial pressure washer that can offer above 200c. We use latest methods while offering pressure washing services to clean and restore affected area to the original ones. Our technicians are well aware of the art of applying cleaning agents. Pressure cleaning services include rust removal, curb cleaning, chewing gum removal and brick wall restoration. House power washing service offers affordable ways to prevent costly repairs and increase the value of property.


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